VINDREX and LUCIAN - Pancratium Wrestlers

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2015
SPECIAL FEATURES: - loincloths - nudity from first scene - boxing - wrestling - Treatment of defeated fighter includes: two rapes - two jerk-offs - extreme ball-torture (including ball pulling and kicks to the groin) - anal impaling - castration (both balls ripped of) - slow death by strangulation and a broken neck.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2015

'Lucian Knees Vindrex in the Bollocks'

Grachus had been in a dilemma about Vindrex.
He had first bought the young Gaul from an Army tribune, who had acquired the boy after a skirmish in Gaul.

Vindrex in the Locker-room
Initially Gracchus had considered red-haired Vindrex too valuable a commodity to be thrown away in a fight in the arena.
Instead, Gracchus had reserved the 'well-endowed' virile young Gaul for his occasional sex shows in the arena.
Such shows, however, were often a problem, as the authorities, at regular intervals, thought it expedient to enforce what they considered to be 'public morality', with the result that Gracchus would find his arena closed down for a number of weeks.
The result was that Vindrex was underused, and when Gracchus hit a slump in arena attendance, as a result of an economic downturn, he had to consider how he could raise the public profile of his shows without having problems with the censor.
As a result he decided to put on some shows mainly featuring combats, (gladiators, wrestlers and boxers), which would feature some really spectacular kills which would become the talk of the city. 
To this end he decided to dispense with Vindrex, in the knowledge that the crowd always enjoyed seeing a Gaul, one of the traditional enemies of Rome, being very soundly, brutally and publicly defeated.

Gracchus Shows Off Vindrex
Realizing that this would almost certainly be Vindrex last appearance, Gracchus decided, before the fight between Vindrex and Lucian took place in the arena, that the young Gaul should be shown off close up and naked, as a special 'treat' before some of his rich, patrician (aristocratic) friends.
This was not the usual practice, but Vindrex was a handsome young Gaul, and the patricians wanted to get a good look at him, close up, before he was killed in the arena.
The reason why the patricians would be so interested in getting a good look at the young Gaul, of course, was that Gauls, unlike Latins, had very pale, creamy skin, and red or 'ginger' hair, and as Vindrex was displayed naked, the voyeuristic patricians were particularly interested in seeing his 'ginger' body-hair - and in particular the virile young lads curly, red pubic 'bush'.

Lucian in the Locker-room
Once the 'private viewing' was over, Vindrex was returned to the fighter's 'locker-room', where he was clothed in his backless loincloth (rather like a modern 'jock-strap'), and metal studded, leather arm-guards, but no sandals or boots.

Vindrex's opponent was a slightly older youth, called Lucian. Lucian was a Sabian, and was one of Gracchus' most successful fighters.
For the fight, Lucian wore metal studded leather arm-guards, like Vindrex, and tiny leather briefs, supported by a wide, black belt.
Under the briefs Lucian wore a stiff, leather 'crotch-protector'.
Significantly, Lucian also wore black, leather boots.
The Gaul, of course, had to loose the fight – as there was no way that the crowd would stand for a barbarian Gaul beating a Latin 'boy', and it was for this reason that the relatively inexperienced Vindrex had been matched with the very experienced, and very strong Lucian.

Vindrex and Lucian Enter the Arena
Vindrex in the Arena
Also, just to make sure that things would go Lucian's way, the young Latin had been given a 'crotch protector' and boots, whereas Vindrex only had a loose-fitting loincloth to protect his vital parts, and fought bare-foot.
Like most fights, this fight started with a lengthy period of nervous sparring.
It must be remembered that fights in the arena, unlike modern combat sports, involved fighting with bare knuckles and were not encumbered with rules regarding 'low-blows', so often the first few punches or kicks that were landed could decide a fight.

The Fight Begins
It was not surprising, therefore, that fighters took their time to size up an opponent, and were hesitant to commit themselves.

Trading Punches
Despite his inexperience, once the two fighters started trading punches Vindrex put on quite a good show, and Lucian was even forced to back away as the young Gaul launched a powerful attack. 
Sensing that he could easily succumb to a lucky punch from Vindrex, Lucian took the obvious step, and subdued his energetic young opponent with a vicious knee to the young Gaul's crotch.
Vindrex, of course, was not wearing any protection, and so his testicles were severely crushed as Lucian's knee slammed into his groin.
Shit ! My bollocks !”, Vindrex immediately squealed, as he instinctively doubled up.

Lucian's Knee to Vindrex's Balls
Fuck ! I'm fuckin' bollocked !
The poor lad was taken completely by surprise by Lucian's rather underhand move, and was left standing whimpering, with his legs together, clutching at the mangled pouch of his tiny loincloth. 
Fuck ! I'm fuckin' bollocked !”, Vindrex grunted to Lucian, as his well-muscled opponent stood over him, arms akimbo.
I don't think I can go on !” ...Vindrex then mumbled.
At that point Lucian could have well laid into his helpless opponent and 'finished' him then and there, but that would have made a very short fight, and neither the crowd, nor Gracchus would have been pleased.
Ok, son ! 'Give' the fight to me – I'll mess about with you a bit, to keep the punters happy – 'an, with a bit of luck, they'll let you leave here in one piece !”.. Lucian responded.
Ok ! - But take it easy on me – please – 'cause if they think I'm too badly injured they'll want me 'finished-off' !”.
Vindrex then dramatically went down onto his knees, rather theatrically begging for mercy from Lucian, while the crowd roared and clapped rhythmically with approval.

Vindrex in a Neck-Lock
In response, Lucian went behind Vindrex and put the lad into a very professional, wrestler's neck-lock.
This was done to expose the young Gaul's excellent physique, with his ridged abdominals, slim waist, flared latissimus dorsi, smooth, shiny pectorals and the obvious, prominent bulge of his tiny, white loincloth.
Vindrex struggled, in a rather sexually provocative manner, obviously trying to get the approval of the crowd, while Lucian tightened his grip.
Lucian then released his grip and spun Vindrex round, catching him by the hefty bulge in the young lad's loinloth.
"Fuck !...", Vindrex grunted, as he felt Lucian's firm grip on his 'privates'.

Lifted by the Balls
Lucian then, in an obvious show of strength, used his other hand to grab Vindrex's neck, and lifted the poor boy right off the sand.
Most of the lifting, however was performed by his right hand, which was the hand clamped round Vindrex's prick and balls.
"Shit !... Put me down !"..., Vindrex squealed, as his legs kicked helplessly.
And that's exactly what Lucian did, dropping the boy from a height onto the arena sand.
Vindrex, who staggered unsteadily to his feet, was, as a result, slightly concussed and confused, and so Lucian took the opportunity to reach down and untie the young Gaul's loincloth.

Vindrex Loses his Loincloth
Oh shit, no ! Not that !” Vindrex grunted, when he felt his genitals drop down, as the supporting loincloth fell away.
It was difficult to understand,however, why Vindrex was complaining.

Vindrex Pleads for his Loincloth
He had, after all agreed to let Lucian 'mess around' with him, and that could only mean physical and probably sexual 'abuse', - usually involving some fucking and wanking - and for that the crowd would expect, and in fact demand that he be naked, for that is what they paid to see.
Shit, no !”, Vindrex exclaimed, as he managed to wriggle out of Lucian's grip. “Don't pull it off completely !”.
Lucian had managed to untie the straps which passed under the boy's buttocks, which were intended to hold the pouch securely, in the front, but the waist-band was still in place.
Ok !”, Lucian snarled, and pulled the waist-band up over Vindrex's head.
The dangling straps he tied round the root of the Gallic boy's genitals.
Lucian then forced Vindrex down onto his hands and knees.
Oh no !... Don't do this !”, Vindrex moaned, realizing that he was going to be raped. 
"If you want to get out of here alive – just kneel there and take it !”, Lucian said laconically, as he pulled off his tiny black leather briefs.

Lucian Fucks Vindrex
As he stripped off, and his huge, stiff penis jerked up, the crowd cheered in approval, happy to see the young Gaul – seen as an enemy of Rome - being humiliated.
"Shit !... Not up my bum-hole ! ..., young Vindrex protested, as Lucian rammed his huge prick against Vindrex's pink, twitching 'rosebud'.
After a briefs struggle, Vindrex was forced to relax his anal sphincter, and the huge knob of Lucian's cock gradually disappeared inside him.
"Shit !.. It's too big ! ... Your fuckin' cock's too big !...". Vindrex groaned as Lucian forced his way into the squirming, naked boy.
Now while a modern audience may have seen this performance as simply a piece of voyeuristic pornography, a Roman crowd, whilst obviously enjoying the sexual nature of the encounter, would see it more as a gesture symbolizing the humiliation of the Gallic people by the virile power of Rome. 
Being a 'phallocentric' society, the Romans equated sexual domination and penetration with military and political dominance.
The subsequent results of this rape, however, were somewhat more vulgar and sexually gratuitous. 
Being a young lad who enjoyed sex with boys, and having been plied with aphrodisiacs and stimulants before the fight, it was not surprising that Vindrex, despite his obvious discomfort at 'taking' Lucian's monstrous cock, he became hopelessly aroused as a result of being roughly penetrated by his virile and remarkably 'well-hung' opponent, Lucian.
Lucian, like most of the fighters who had been deprived of any sexual outlet for a number of weeks, made short work of cumming, and filling Vindrex's tight little 'boy-hole' with squirt after squirt of thick, warm, creamy spunk.
When he was finished noisily 'cumming', Lucian got up off his knees and replaced his 'crotch-protector', brief, black leather trunks and studded belt.
Young Vindrex, however, got up off the sand dribbling Lucian's spunk from his arse-hole and  sporting a tremendous erection.
Seeing how aroused his young, red-haired opponent was, Lucian curtly told him to masturbate.
Give the punters what they want to see - and 'toss-off' !” Lucian ordered, as Vindrex looked down at his own huge, jerking organ.

Vindrex Jerks-Off
Vindrex, who by this stage desperately wanted some relief, faced Lucian, grabbed hold of the swollen 'head' of his incredibly stiff penis, and started pulling at his straining foreskin.
The crowd were, by then, cheering on the smooth, pale young Gaul.
While not a symbolically significant as the previous rape, a defeated fighter 'abusing' himself was almost equally humiliating for the fighter, and was much appreciated and enjoyed by the crowd, who found the whole performance incredibly funny.
After a few minutes Vindrex began to grimace as he belly went taught and his heavy scrotum pulled up to his hairy groin.

Vindrex Cums
Oh shit !”, he groaned, and the arena-slaves immediately realized that the boy was about to have an orgasm.
Wanting to make a show of the boy's climax, two of the arena-slaves grabbed hold of Vindrex's arms so that he would not be able to hold his cock as he ejaculated.
This produced a dramatic show.
"Fuck !... I'm fuckin' cummin' !".... Vindrex blurted out, as he thrust his hips forwards as his huge prick jerked violently, as it squirted out a series of spurts of thick, creamy spunk, which splashed spectacularly onto the sand in front of him.
This, however, was not enough for the crowd, and soon they were calling for the young Gaul to be raped for a second time. 
Fuck the little ginger cunt again !” - “Bugger the dirty little fucker ! “ - “Bum the young tosser again !” , and such like.
Lucian, of course, needed very little encouragement, and ordered the arena slaves to sit Vindrex on the sand and fold him over, so that Lucian could 'enter' him from the front.
Oh no ! Don't bugger me again !”, Vindrex groaned, as his feet were pushed over his head, and his arse-hole was exposed.

Lucian Fucks Vindrex
Lucian then pulled down the front of his black leather trunks and, for the second time, he rammed his huge, erect cock into the squirming young Gaul's 'hole'.
Fuck – no ! - I can't fuckin' take it !”, Vindrex moaned, as he felt Lucian penetrate him far more deeply than before – this time because Lucian was penetrating him from the front.
Lucian, however, who was well known for being rather repulsively oversexed, thrust deeply and repeatedly into the poor Gaul before eventually pulling his prick out of Vindrex's boy-hole, and squirting his thick spunk over the struggling boy's face, chest and belly as the crowd cheered.
The arena-slaves then pulled Vindrex to his knees, while Lucian stuffed his bulging, unruly genitals back into his 'crotch-protector' and black leather trunks.

Lucian strips Vindrex
Completely Naked
Lucian then knelt down and removed Vindrex's metal studded, leather arm-guards.
The crowd, seeing Vindrex stripped completely naked, were then pretty sure that Lucian intended to eventually 'finish-off' Vindrex, although the naive Gaul was probably not aware of his imminent demise at that point.
Far from thinking about the possibility of being killed in the arena, Vindrex main preoccupation as he was being stripped seem to about sex, as he was sporting another huge erection after having been buggered for the second time.
The crowd, who were cheering as Vindrex was divested of his arm-guards, then started calling for the red-haired boy to 'abuse' himself again.
Make the horny cunt wank !” - “Get the ginger tosser to jerk-off again !” and other such bawdy comments were shouted out by the crowd.

Vindrex has a Second Wank
Go on then ! You heard them !”, Lucian told his now totally naked opponent, as the young, and highly aroused Gaul slowly got to his feet.
Even as Vindrex straightened himself up he already had his right hand on his penis,and without any further encouragement he started jerking his foreskin up and down on his glans (penis-head).
While Lucian, with a big grin on his face, stood watching his naked, and now apparently 'sex-crazed'  opponent, the crowd cheered on the stupid young Gaul.
"I gotta fuckin' cum !... Let me cum !... Please !".... Vindrex moaned
This time none of the arena slaves grabbed hold of Vindrex when he eventually had his orgasm, the young lad was allowed to hang on to his hugely swollen, stiff jerking prick, as he splattered the sand in front of him with his thick creamy spunk, for a second time.
With the crowd cheering, Vindrex sunk to his knees as he was overcome by strength his orgasm.
"Shit !... I've fuckin' cum !"... the panting young Gaul moaned to no one in particular, stating the obvious.
He did not realize, however, that that was the last real orgasm that he would ever have.
(He would, however, involuntarily splatter the last of his spunk over himself and the sand one more time as he was 'finished-off' - but there was no orgasm, as such, as he was having his neck broken as he was 'cumming' !)
Not that Lucian was going to 'finish' him off there and then.
Instead, there would be a period of genital torture, (referred to by the plebians as 'ball-torture'), which would probably cause Vindrex to wish that he had been 'finished-off'.
While Vindrex was still kneeling on the sand, panting, Lucian ordered the arena-slaves to tie Vindrex's hands behind his back.
Oh no, please ! No more !.. – just ask the crowd to let me go – please, Lucian !”, Vindrex moaned, as the slaves tied him up so that he was unable to defend himself.
In response, Lucian turned to the crowd.
Do you want to show him mercy ?”, Lucian shouted to the crowd.
Predictably, they roared back “No !”, and some added other comments - “Rip the cunt's bollocks off !” - “Break the tossers back !” - “Ring the wanker's neck !” etc.
Please don't do this !”, Vindrex pleaded, while Lucian picked up Vindrex's discarded loincloth from the sand.
He then tied one of the straps of the loincloth to the naked Gallic boy's dangling balls.
"Fuck ! Not my fuckin' bollocks ! Fuck ... that hurts !", Vindrex grunted as his bulging ball-bag was tied tightly.
The result was that Vindrex, once again, immediately developed a strong erection as, while the blood supply could still reach his penis, the returning circulation was restricted, thus engorging his male member.

Lucian then started pulling viciously on Vindrex's cinched testicles.
Shit – No ! Don't fuckin pull 'em off !”, Vindrex squealed, as his scrotum was stretched, and his penis swelled and jerked.
The crowd, predictably, cheered, but also laughed each time Vindrex tried to shuffle on his knees towards Lucian to take the strain of his horribly stretched bollocks, while Lucian simply moved away a little to retain the tension.
Shit ! Stop ! You're gonna pull 'em off !”, Vindrex screamed as his ball-bag started to darken and swell "You're gonna pull my fuckin' bollocks off !".
Ok, tie him to the wall by his arms and legs !”, Lucian ordered the arena-slaves, as he realized that the crowd were getting bored,and wanted to see a new kind of torture.
Vindrex was tied sitting on the sand with his arms and legs tied to rings set into the arena wall.
His legs were spread painfully wide, with his hairy crotch completely exposed, and still sporting a prominent erection.
Please no ! No !.... Spare me !”, Vindrex whined, as Lucian approached him, menacingly.
Don't kick me there !”, he moaned, presumably referring to his completely exposed crotch, and in particular his naked, dangling balls.
It was to Vindrex's groin, - the boy's bollocks - however, that Lucian was looking, intent on torturing and disabling the boy with some vicious, sexual torture.
By then Vindrex was terrified, trembling and pulling at the ropes that held his legs wide and his arms against the arena wall, and all he could see were the huge, heavy, black leather boots that were slowly approaching him.
The crowd were all waiting expectantly, watching Vindrex squirm helplessly - knowing that when Lucian 'put the boot in' that would be the beginning of the end for the young Gaul.

Vindrex is Kicked in the Balls
Vindrex was squealing, “NO ....! Not my fuckin' bollocks !”, as Lucian pulled back his booted foot and then 'let fly'.
The big, heavy boot slammed into the naked young Gaul's crotch, and the poor boy's testicles were rammed up into his hairy groin, while his still stiff prick, which sprayed out some urine, slapped up against his sweaty, trembling belly.
CUNT ! My fuckin' bollocks !”, the squirming young Gaul squealed, as the crowd cheered and laughed, as they watched the naked boy writhe up off the sand.
I'm fucked !”, Vindrex groaned, as his buttocks slapped back onto the urine spattered sand, with his bruised scrotum flopping back down into its normal position, while he struggled to free himself from the ropes.

Vindrex is Kicked in the Balls
Then - “No ! Plea... !” was blurted out by the hysterical boy as Lucian kicked him in the groin for a second time, ramming the boy's already mangled bollocks right up into his convulsing belly.
More kicks, which further pulverized the poor lad's balls, were enough to make young Vindrex loose all control of his bodily functions, and he started shitting on the sand, and pissing from his still stiff cock over his sweaty, heaving belly.
"Fuckin stop !... I'm fuckin' shittin' myself ! ..... I can't take any more !..", he pleaded, as he squirmed, literally slapping his buttocks into his own shit on the sand, after each kick had forced him to writhe up.
Eventually the ball-torture knocked all the fight out of the young Gaul, and Lucian then ordered the arena-slaves to untie the limp, groaning boy.
Because of the kicking that he had received, the young Gaul had almost completely lost the use of his legs.
At first he managed to totter away from the arena wall, clutching frantically at his bruised balls, while he pissed uncontrollably, and farted repeatedly as he left a trail of shit on the arena sand.

“Please, Lucian – no more !”
After a few moments, however, his legs gave way completely.
Please, Lucian – no more !”,he groaned, as he squatted on the sand, still urinating and holding onto his horribly swollen ball-bag.
Vindrex then ordered the arena slaves to pull Vindrex up onto his knees. ”Please ! Mercy !”, Vindrex groaned, but it was to no avail.
Two of the arena-slaves held the young Gaul by his arms, while Lucian bent down and grabbed the naked boy's already badly injured balls.
Please, no ! Not my bollocks again !”, Vindrex groaned, but Lucian ignored the poor lad, and started to twist and pull at the boy's scrotum.
Shit ! - My balls ! - My fuckin bollocks !....No more ! - Please !”, Vindrex screamed.
By this time the crowd were still applauding and cheering, but with a little less enthusiasm, as it was obvious that watching a boy having his genitals tortured could only hold the crowds attention for a certain time before boredom set in.

Vindrex is Impaled
In less than a minute Vindrex was as limp as a rag, and on the verge of passing out, so Lucian ordered the arena-slaves to lie the boy on his back, with his legs spread and raised.
Lucian then took a thick, wooden baton from one of the arena-slaves.
This immediately caught the crowd's attention, as now it seemed that Lucian had switched from the Gaul's genitals to his 'fundament'.
At first Vindrex didn't realize what was happening, but when he felt the end of the baton against his anus he instantly started struggling.
No ! Not up my fuckin' bum-hole ! For fuck's sake !”, the poor boy squealed frantically, as Lucian slowly twisted and pushed on the baton.
Despite Vindrex's attempts to keep his anus closed, he was unable to resist, and within a few moments his anal 'ring' was slowly spreading to allow the thick baton to enter and penetrate him. 
Horny Vindrex Tries to Stand
Vindrex Tries to Crawl Away
Soon the baton was deeply inserted into the squirming lad's twitching arse-hole, and the arena-slaves released their grip on the boy's legs, and lifted Vindrex, now horribly impaled and obscenely aroused, to his feet.
"Shit ! I've gone fuckin' hard again !.." Vindrex grunted, looking down at his huge, stiff cock, which was waving and jerking obscenely.
The poor boy was unable to stand, unassisted, however, so the arena slaves let the exhausted, horny lad slip to the sand.
Then, slowly, Vindrex rolled over and started crawling across the sand, with the twitching baton poking obscenely out of his sweaty backside.
Shit ! It's gone right up me !... Right up my fuckin' 'hole' !...”, Vindrex moaned, belching loudly and dribbling, while still clutching at this battered balls, as he crawled in a desperate, but useless attempt to get away from his tormentors, and save himself.
Even Gracchus, who always enjoyed watching Lucian perform, was now getting a little bored with the fight, and sent a message down to the arena for the young Gaul to be emasculated and killed.
Ever obedient to his master, Lucian ordered the arena-slaves to pull Vindrex to his knees, and hold him firmly so that he would be completely unable to defend himself.

Vindrex is Castrated
Vindrex is Castrated
Lucian then bent down in front of the appallingly aroused boy and grabbed hold of Vindrex's balls. 
Vindrex, of course, knew then that his time was up. “No – please ! Don't do this ! Not my balls !”, Vindrex pleaded, as he looked down to see his stiff cock swell even more, and rise in response to his imminent castration.
Lucian's iron grip was already twisting and pulling on the boy's bulging scrotum, and in a few moments the squirming, naked boy's battered, swollen ball-sack was tearing, as Vindrex groaned, and then ejaculated. 
As he forcefully squirted the last of his spunk over the sand, Vindrex turned to one of the arena slaves who was holding him.
"He's pullin' my fuckin balls off !... Help me !... Stop him !..."
But there was no help for Vindrex, and moments later, as he continued to squirt out his thick, creamy seed, the young Gaul's groan turned to a squeal as Lucian literally ripped off his dark, swollen scrotum - containing his already mashed, but precious testicles.
"Fuckin cunt !... My fuckin balls !... ", the naked boy screamed -  with blood squirting rhythmically from the testicular artery in his mutilated, hairy crotch.
Vindrex was then immediately forced to bend over by the arena-slaves so that they could extract the baton from the emasculated Gaul's arse-hole - (the unpleasant object of this manoeuvre was to allow the crowd to see Vindrex actually defecating - shitting - on the sand as he was 'finished-off').
The slaves then pulled Vindrex back up onto his knees, and tied the boy's severed bollocks - still in their bloody,swollen ball-sack -  round his neck, so that they dangled like some obscene necklace.
Oh no ! Don't finish me !“, Vindrex pleaded, as Lucian came up behind him.
Lucian then grabbed hold of the young eunuch's neck, and started to throttle him.
Almost immediately, in sheer terror, Vindrex started to fart, and then to noisily empty the remaining shit from his bowels onto the sand.
Fuck ! - I'm shittin' !”, Vindrex spluttered, stating the obvious, while the crowd laughed and jeered at him.

Castrated Vindrex is 'Finished-Off'
When Vindrex was half throttled, Lucian abruptly grabbed hold of the boy's head and twisted it violently.
There was an audible crunch as the boy's spinal cord snapped.
Lucian then released his grip, and Vindrex head flopped over at an impossible angle.

Castrated Vindrex is Hung !”, the naked, sexless young Gaul grunted, and then he fell backwards, onto the sand, dead, but still twitching obscenely, spraying piss over his sweaty belly, and farting noisily.
Once the dead lad has stopped dribbling piss, the arena-slaves then cut off the Gaul's now limp, shriveled and useless prick, and stuffed it in his mouth, rammed the baton back up the naked eunuch's arse-hole, and strung the mutilated corpse from the arena wall.

Lucian is Presented to Gracchus and his Guests
At the end of the fight, unusually, Lucian was invited to speak to Gracchus and his guests.
Despite the fact that Gracchus had found the bout rather 'over long' for a pancratium fight, it was obvious from the delirious reaction of the arena audience, particularly during the 'jerk-offs', fucking and castration, that they thoroughly approved of Gracchus' new, exciting mix of unarmed combat and 'sex-show'.
Gracchus, believing attendance would steadily rise, as word got out of the new approach at his private arena, had therefore decided that Lucian, along with some of his more attractive young fighters, would feature many more times in the arena in the near future.
What Lucian didn't realize was that, in doing this he would, very soon, end up being abused, mutilated and killed in exactly the same manner as young Vindrex.
Such was the often short life of a performer in the Roman Arena.

Vitto's Model for Vindrex

ALL images and text - © Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2015

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