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'Naked, horny young Gladiators fight in the Roman Arena'

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These reconstructions feature a fictional character called 'Gracchus' who, it is proposed, was Roman citizen, who inherited a substantial sum, and subsequently was able to radically enlarge the small arena and a gladiatorial 'school' left to him by a friend of his family.
As a result of managing his businesses successfully he became fabulously wealthy, and was able to eventually offer full, private games, featuring boxers, wrestlers, executions and gladiators, and it is these Games that are presented in the following reconstructions.
The image on the left is of Gracchus, when he was young, and still had his 'Philhellene' beard, and well before young Marcus ('the golden boy from the sea') came along - and completely changed his life.
Gracchus lived in a time when there were few books, except for the aristocracy, no pictures, except the mosaics in the homes of the wealthy and the public baths, no magazines, newspapers, films, television or internet – and so the only 'pornography' available to the masses was in the theatre or the arena. 
The theatre was expensive, and the public arena was controlled by the state, which felt obliged to uphold public moral standards.

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© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014
And alongside his amphitheatre Gracchus opened, not too ostentatiously, a couple of brothels, providing both girls, older women and boys and men, to slake the aroused desire of the 'punters' once the Games were over.
The most popular performers in the arena were, of course, the gladiators:
In the public arena there were many different types of gladiator:
Dimachaeri who used two-swords, one in each hand, while Samnites were fully armoured, and were based on Greek hoplites. They wore a helmet, subligaculum (loincloth) woollen quilted leg wrappings, and shin-guards. 
They carried a spear in the Hoplite style with a small round shield.
Then there were Laquerii who used a rope and noose, and Mirmillones, who wore a helmet with a stylized fish on the crest (the mormylos or sea fish), as well as an arm guard (mania). They carried a gladius and an shield in the Gallic style.

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© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014
Provocatores were often paired against the Samnites, with their armament being variable depending on the games, and Gracchus particularly favoured this adaptable style of gladiator.
The Retiarii carried a trident, a dagger, and a net, a larger manica extending to the shoulder and left side of the chest. They commonly fought secutores or mirmillones.
Secutores had the same armour as a murmillo, including a shield and a gladius.
The Thracian was equipped with a broad-rimmed helmet that enclosed the entire head, a small round or square-shaped shield, and two thigh-length greaves. His weapon was the gladius or the sica. They commonly fought mirmillones or hoplomachi.
Velites fought on foot, each holding a spear, and were named after the early Republican army units of the same name.

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© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014

Gracchus used most of these styles of gladiator, but in the case of the Dimachaeri, he dispensed with the quilted legs wrappings, which he felt detracted from the looks of the fighters.
He liked the Thracians, but often dispensed with the helmet, as he knew that the crowd like to see the fighter's faces, particularly as his lad's were almost always good-looking.
Gracchus also knew that the crowd like to see the expressions on the fighter's faces when they were defeated and suffered 'abuse' from their victorious opponents.
Also, if a fighter had anything to say as he fought, - and many of the fighters did a lot of screaming, begging for mercy and shouting abuse at one another and the crowd, - then little would be heard if his voice was muffled by a constraining helmet.
Very few of Gracchus' gladiators ever wore any armour on their upper body, (like a breastplate), as this would defeat the whole object of the exercise, which was to leave the fighter vulnerable and easily able to be killed or wounded.

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Arm-guard, greaves, (leg guards), were often worn, but apart from that most of Gracchus gladiators wore just skimpy loincloths, of either cloth or soft leather – all the more to show off their lithe, muscular, well trained bodies – and if they were boy-gladiators, or Gauls, they would often dispense with the subligaculum (loincloth) completely, which, of course, made them favourites with the crowd.
Gracchus knew that he was selling sex as well as spectacle and fighting, and so not only the gladiators, but also the wrestlers would only wear loincloths – ( the wrestlers' loincloths being much smaller than those of the gladiators), - and, of course the wrestlers needed no armour, as theirs' was un-armed combat. Often the Greek wrestlers would compete completely naked, in the same way that the boxers did – although the boxers also wore leather gloves, which were sometimes studded with metal.
Quite often a fighter would be killed outright.
Extreme examples of this would be when a helmet-less gladiator simply got decapitated, or was stabbed in the chest, (through the heart), or through the mouth or eye, (into the brain), or through the neck.
More often, however, and gladiator would be disabled by a minor wound, to the belly, arm or leg, or would just be so terrified that he surrendered, (this was often the case with the boy-gladiators), and then the defeated fighter would be abused and tortured before being finished-off, and it would be on these occasions that the sex would enter the equation, as all fighters who surrendered were expected to be sodomized (anally raped) and mutilated (usually the removal of the genitals and possibly disemboweling) before they were killed.

Pleae note: The events featured in the reconstructions aim to be accurate in terms of weapons, costumes, equipment, and settings, and are based on accounts of fights by contemporary authors, various art works, and contemporary literature, including the 'Satyricon', by Pretronius.
Dialogue, of course, is reconstructed, and is couched in modern explicit (and very strong) slang, with the intention of reflecting the original 'tone' of the 'vulgar' Latin.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014


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Myras was a young gladiator who was considered to be exceptionally well endowed sexually.
Because of this he was usually required to fight without a loincloth - 'bollock-naked'.
Since becoming a gladiator, he had won every one of his fights, and he was the 'darling of the crowd'.
This was mainly because, if his defeated opponent was still alive, and not badly mutilated, he would rape the unfortunate fighter before emasculating him, and then 'finishing him off. - usually by disemboweling, or ramming a spear or sword up the anus or, more quickly, by slitting the fighter's throat.
Being 'bollock-naked', it was usually obvious, with Myras, that he was anticipating raping his opponent, as he usually developed a huge 'hard-on' early in the fight - which obviously distracted and unnerved his opponents.
However, there had to come a day when young Myras would have to fight an opponent who was stronger of more skillful than he was, or there would simply come a day when he became distracted or tire, and make that fatal mistake that would cost him his life.
On that day everything was going well until some young lad in the crowd made an admiring remark about Myras' remarkably erect penis.
Foolishly, Myras, for a brief moment acknowledged the compliment, and in that second his opponent struck, with a swift slice to Myras' neck.
The cut was not deep enough to kill him outright, and Myras' opponent immediately followed up with a deft slice to Myras' exposed groin.
The shock of the initial cut caused Myras to ejaculate violently, and as his stiff cock was practically vertical, his bulging ball-bag was fully exposed.
His opponent, who was an excellent and skillful swordsman, then neatly sliced through Myras' dangling scrotum, and poor Myras' hefty balls fell to the sand.
Fully castrated, the naked boy, with blood frothing from his mouth, nose and neck, collapsed onto the sand, on his back, no longer squirting spunk but instead spraying piss over his belly and chest from his wildly jerking, and still stiff prick.
At the same time he was farting loudly, and repeatedly, and uncontrollably emptying his bowels onto the sand.
He then felt his opponent grabbing his huge stiff prick, slicing it off at the hairy root, and then holding it up for the delirious, cheering crowd.
But the last thing he was aware of was being 'finished-off'.
His legs were roughly pulled apart, and then he felt the appalling agony of his opponent's sword being rammed up into his hairy arse-hole, and shoved up inside him, mangling his guts, while the crowd cheered their approval.
And after that there was nothing !

Ancient Roman Wrestlers
Fighting Naked
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Roman Gladiator Skewered by his Opponents

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This story and theses images are NOT included in the Scribd publication 'A Day at the Games'

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'Gauls 'ave got no balls for a real fight !'

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After the Gallic gladiator, Vortigern, has been castrated,
his cauterised erect penis and testicles are stuffed into his mouth,
and he is forced to stagger round the arena.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014

Naked, Gallic gladiator Vortigern is laid on his belly
as his Greek opponent, Demonax, spears him through his spine.

© Copyright Zac Sawyer 2015

who will later fight the young boy gladiator, Marius, and also Charon

© Copyright Zac Sawyer 2015

who will later fight the young boy gladiator, Marius, and also Charon
Vespian was Gracchus' favourite before he acquired Petronius

© Copyright Zac Sawyer 2015
Naked Roman Boy Gladiator

Bollock-naked Charon furiously wanks himself and cums before being raped, completely castrated, anally impaled and 'finished-off'.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014

The inevitable end to Charon's Final Fight

Unusually, Gracchus comes down to the arena to view the naked corpse of the freshly emasculated gladiator

The following photo gallery previews photos, some of which are NOT included in the Scribd publication 'A Day at the Games'
Many of these photos contain sexually explicit content

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Naked Pankration Wrestlers - a Greek Red-figure Wine Cup

 Etruscan Naked Wrestlers

Wrestling and Gladiatorial contests were some of many features, especially religious, that Rome inherited from its Etruscan neighbours. This ancient,non Indo-European (possibly originating from Asia Minor) culture even depicts warriors fighting completely naked.

 Gladiators from the Zliten Mosaic

The Zliten mosaic is a Roman floor mosaic from about the 2nd century AD, found in the town of Zliten in Libya, on the east coast of Leptis Magna.
The mosaic was discovered by the Italian archaeologist Salvatore Aurigemma in 1913 and is now on display at The Archaeological Museum of Tripoli.
It depicts gladiatorial contests, animal hunts, and scenes from everyday life. 
The mosaic was discovered in October 1913, in the ruins of a seaside Roman villa later called Villa Dar Buk Ammera after the area where it was found.
When it was first fully unearthed and visible after the excavations conducted by Salvatore Aurigemma, from 22 June to 18 August 1914, it was immediately seen as a masterpiece of mosaic art, but one that was in an emergent need for preservation and restoration.
In the 1920s, the mosaic was restored and placed on display at The Archaeological Museum of Tripoli.
It moved with the museum to its new location in 1952 and is displayed prominently near the entrance hall.

 Mosaic of Roman Gladiators Fighting

Gladiators in Loincloths fighting - Mosaic

Gladiators in Loincloths fighting - Mosaic



© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014

adapt ion of an original painting by Lovis Corinth 

"Oh shit ! I'm fuckin' cummin !"

the 'bollock-naked' slave, with a huge stiff cock,  groans, as he pumps out his rich, creamy seed, which splatters uselessly on the sand below the cross. 
Wearing just a tiny subligaculum, consisting of a leather pouch which just about held and covered his bulging genitals, this slave is tied to a cross and has a sedile, (wooden post protruding from the upright of the cross), inserted into his anus.
Jerking up and down on the cross in agony, the naked slave unintentionally yet viciously fucks his own arse-hole on the wooden post.
The slave's hairy anus is ripped open by the huge wooden post, and when  the rough wooden post penetrates to his prostate it gives him a huge erection.
His massive, stiff, jerking cock, with it's foreskin pulled back and 'head' exposed, forces it way out of the tiny leather pouch of the G-string, much to the amusement of the crowd.
The piss and sweat sodden pouch of the leather G-string then falls away, leaving the slave's bulging balls as well as his huge stiff prick exposed.
Eventually the horribly and obscenely excited, bollock-naked slave, with a huge 'hard-on', groans loudly and 'cums', spurting his thick, creamy spunk high into the air.
As it then spatters in gleaming, creamy gobs onto the sand, the crowd cheer.
Later, after continuing to fuck himself on the wooden pole, as he writhes in agony, he has two more 'spunk-ups', splattering even more of his useless 'seed' on the sand.
The naked, horribly 'horny' slave, despite being crucified, seems to be 'getting-off' too much on being impaled,  and his executioners decide to prevent him from 'cumming' again.

"Right - you horny shit ! As you can't stop fuckin' cummin' we'll cut your fuckin' bollocks off !

"Shit - NO ! NOT my BALLS !

- the naked, writhing slave squeals hysterically, one of the executioners grabs hold of his hairy ball-sack, which still contains his bulging testicles.
With one swift slice of his knife the struggling slave is instantly made a eunuch !

"Fuck ! My bollocks !"

the mutilated slave screams, as he writhes up on the cross, almost 'popping' the wooden post out of his frantically twitching, hairy arsehole - but not quite - and he then sinks down on the post, groaning loudly as the knob rams up into his prostate - forcing another squirt of spunk from his horribly jerking cock.
The screaming, wriggling slave, however, continues to have a huge hard on, despite having had his testicles cut off,

"Fuckin' cunt's still got a hard-on - an' he's got no fuckin' bollocks !
Better cut his fuckin' cock off as well - an' finish the job !"

"No - Please ! Not my fuckin' prick !... Let me die a man !... For fuck sake !"

Some of the crowd nearest to the arena-slaves over-hear the conversation.

"Cut the fucker's bollocks off !" - "Castrate the cunt !" - "Slice off his balls !"

they call out.

Again the arena slave ignore the pathetic pleas of the naked slave.
One of the arena-slaves grabs hold of the slave's violently jerking cock.
It's slimey with spunk, and slips from the arena slave's grip.
He grabs the huge, waving penis again, and the slave groans and immediately 'cums', much to the arena-slave's digust.
Trying to ignore the spunk that has squirted onto his hand, the arena-slave places his knife at the hairy root of the struggling slave's huge 'tool' and slices down on it with his knife.

"You CUNT ! - My cock ! .... You fuckin' cut it off !"

the wrigling slave squeals in disbelief, looking down in horror at his mutilated, sexless crotch, while the crowd cheers and laughs
Then arena-slave drops the slime-covered cock, which, even as it falls to the sand,  continues to dribble the last of the poor, castrated slave's spunk !
The sexless slave then has his cock stuffed into his mouth, and his huge, severed, hairy balls are hung round his neck.
His dark, thick 'bush' of pubic hair - all that is left to show he was once a man - is then burnt off, the thick curly hairs disappearing in sparks and curls of acrid smoke, leaving his mutilated groin hairless.
He is finally 'finished'-off by being disemboweled, (he has his hairy belly sliced open, and his  stinking, steaming guts pulled out), and he eventually bleeds to death, repeatedly screaming for mercy in his final, horrific moments.

click here for a full description of the crucifixion and castration of two Roman slaves

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014

(adaption of an original painting by Lovis Corinth)

Stripped of his subligaculum, a screaming teenage boy is nailed to a cross.
One of his executioners avidly points to the boy's growing erection, as the writhing lad's cock jerks up, dribbling 'pre-cum'.
Later the 'bollock-naked' boy with a huge 'hard-on' will repeatedly 'cum', as he helplessly writhes up and down, unintentionally yet viciously fucking himself on the post that juts from the upright beam and has been rammed up his arse.
When he has fucked himself 'dry', and before he dies, his huge stiff prick and bulging balls will be cut off, and his bloody balls will be hung round his neck, and his severed cock will be stuffed into his mouth.

click here for a full description of the crucifixion and castration of two Roman slaves



Many gladiatorial contests ended in death.
Either the losing fighter was fatally injured during the fight, or the losing fighter surrendered, in the hope that the Roman crowd would spare his life.
In some cases the defeated fighter was spared, but in many cases the disabled fighter was 'finished-off' by his victorious opponent.
Often the 'finishing off' was a protracted business.
Arena fighters were usually slaves, with no rights whatsoever, and so they could be subjected to the most extreme forms of abuse as the were killed for the amusement of the Roman crowd.
Such abuse was often sexual in nature, as this provided the most humiliating and painful way of torturing a fighter before actually killing him.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014
© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014

If the fighter was not already naked, the the first step was the remove at least his loincloth or, in most cases, all his clothing and equipment.
Rape was the next obvious step, followed by either partial or full castration.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014

In order to inflict fatal injuries the naked, humiliated and castrated victim would then be disemboweled, and/or anally impaled, and possibly have any number of limbs chopped off, with the death blow being either a cut throat, strangulation of a broken neck or back.

Oliver Frey - (edited)

After defeating, stripping and fucking his cute young, blond opponent, Fabius pulls the 'bollock-naked' boy's legs apart and prepares to castrate the helpless lad, before killing him by ramming his sword into the blond boy's anus.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014

Gladiator on the left - "Shit ! My fuckin' belly !"
Gladiator on the left - "Take that - you horny little cunt !"
Two gladiators in armour, but bollock-naked (neither wears a subligaculum - loincloth) fight in the arena.
Both the horny gladiators have massive erections because they are confident of winning, and then raping their opponent in front of the crowd.
The young fighter makes a mistake, and finds his rippling six-pack skewered by his opponent's sword.
He screams out as his muscular belly is impaled, and he involuntarily 'cums', squirting his seed over the sand.
Equally his massively muscled opponent ejaculates in the excitement of making the winning thrust.
The impaled young fighter then goes down on the sand, where he is viciously buggered by his hefty opponent.
The dying lad then has his huge stiff prick sliced off and stuffed up his gaping, hairy arse-hole, and his bulging balls ripped off and stuffed into his mouth.
After being left to writhe obscenely for a few minutes to amuse the crowd, the sexless boy has his throat slit, and dies in a spray of his own frothing blood.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014
Vittorio Carvelli
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Quintus, the new young 'darling' of the arena crowd, stands triumphantly over the writhing body of Karpos, his muscular and now defeated opponent.
Quintus bends down and rips off Karpos' brief leather loincloth, exposing the lad's thick, dark 'bush' and his hefty 'privates', and immediately the wounded boy's huge prick jerks up.
Quintus then takes off his helmet and raises his sword, and the crowd cheer and applaud when the see the handsome face of their new champion.
While Quintus turns from side to side to receive the plaudits from all the crowd, while Karpos groans as his huge, jerking cock sprays piss onto the arena sand, and he noisily voids the stinking contents of his bowels.
Quintus then puts his helmet down onto the sand, and bends menacingly over his opponent.
He stamps on both of Karpos' hands, breaking the fingers, so that he boy is made completely helpless.
Quintus then grabs hold of Karpos' erect cock, as it dribbles out the last of the boy's piss.
'Shit', Karpos immediately groans, as he bucks his hips, and explosively squirts out the first of a number of 'ropes' of creamy spunk.
Quintus then pulls on the ejaculating lad's bulky, swollen scrotum.
"No ! Not  my balls ! - Not my fuckin' bollocks !", Karpos groans.
Immediately Quintus slices off the naked boy's bulging ball-bag.
"CUNT !", young Karpos squeals, as he pumps out another rope of cum, which splatters on the heaving 'six-pack' of his muscular belly.
Quintus then holds up Karpos' bloodied, severed ball-sack as the crowd cheers.
He then pops out the left testicle, and stuffs it up Karpos' left nostril.
While the crowd laugh and jeer, Quintus then pops out the right bollock, and stuffs it up his helpless opponent's right nostril, and then holds up the limp, wrinkled, empty sack to the crowd.
Panting heavily through his mouth, with his severed balls stuffed up his nose, Karpos looks up pathetically at his empty, severed ball-bag which is being displayed for the crowds' amusement, while his belly heaves, and his still stiff prick jerks obscenely, dribbling gleaming spunk.
Quintus then throws the empty pouch onto young Karpos' heaving belly.
Quintus then bends over Karpos and once again grabs hold of the wriggling, naked boy's cock, which, despite the lad's castration, is still stiff and hard.
"Not my fuckin' cock as well !", Karpos groans, as he sees Quintus' sword sweep down in the direction of his huge, jerking member.
"Fuck ! My prick !", Karpos squeals, as the massive shaft is sliced away from his hairy groin.
"I'm fucked !", Karpos groans pathetically as he looks at his horribly mutilated groin but, before he can say anything else his cock is stuffed into his mouth.
Then, with his testicles stuffed up his nostrils, and his penis stuffed into his mouth, the poor, emasculated boy begins to suffocate.
Naked Karpos jerks and writhes on the sand, grabbing at his mutilated, hairy and bloody groin, desperately trying to get his breath, but Quintus shows some mercy, and quickly puts the boy out of his humiliating agony by cutting the lad's throat.
As the blade severs the boy's jugular and windpipe, there is a huge spray of frothy blood.
The sexless, naked young boy writhes up, and jerks obscenely on the sand for a few moments, and then he shudders and lies still as the crowd enthusiastically cheer for handsome, young Quintus.
Meanwhile, steaming shit dribbles from the dead boy's gaping, hairy arse-hole, and piss sprays out from the bloody stump that is all that is left of his prick.

Oliver Frey

Two naked boy gladiators fight. The younger boy has already been raped and had his hairless 'sack', containing his balls cut off, and is struggling helplessly as his older opponent prepares to 'finish' him with a sword thrust to the chest.

Oliver Frey

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014

" Oh shit ! My fuckin' belly !

Flavius screams, as he is skewered by his young opponent

Flavius has been  stripped of his subligaculum (loincloth), and once 'bollock-naked' he is roughly fucked by horny young Lucian.
With a huge 'hard-on' jutting from his thick pubic bush, and his heavy, low-slung, hairy balls bulging, this young gladiator, Flavius, 'shoots his load' onto the sand from his obscenely jerking cock as he is speared in the belly.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014

" Fuck - you cunt ! My fuckin' guts !

Flavius grunts, and squirts out some more creamy spunk, as he is speared again.
Once the spear has fully impaled Flavius' hairy torso, Lucian slowly rips open the poor lad's heaving, sweaty belly.
"FUCK - my fuckin' guts !" Flavius squeals as he looks down to see his steaming, bloody guts flop out of the huge gash in his abdomen, and the screaming boy falls back onto the sand, writhing obscenely as he uselessly tries to shove his guts back inside his mangled belly.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014

As the disembowelled boy writhes on the sand, Lucian grabs hold of the mutilated lad's huge stiff, jerking prick.

"No ! Not my fuckin' cock !"
Flavius screams as, with one cut, Lucian slices through the base of Flavius' erect penis, and then throws the severed cock on the sand.
Lucian then grabs hold of Flavius' well-filled scrotum.
"Oh shit ! Not my fuckin' bollocks too !"
as, with another cut, Lucian crudely slices off his young opponent's bulky balls, which also end up on the sand, on top of the boy's cock.

"Fuck ! I've been castrated ! ....... I'm a fuckin eunuch !"

Lucian then uses his spear to burst both of Flavius' eyeballs, leaving the lad totally blind.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014

Stripped of his tiny white cotton subligaculum (loincloth), and left kneeling 'bollock-naked'on the sand, young Marcus is then brutally fucked by his muscular young opponent.
He then has his heavy dangling balls hacked from his hairy groin, and his huge, jerking cock cut off, before having  his hairy belly sliced open.
The screaming lad's stinking guts immediately flop out of the bloody gash in his heaving belly, and slowly wriggle out onto the sand.
Marcus desperately tries to catch the dribbling coils of his guts in his gloved hands, but the slimy intestines slip through his fingers.
The disembowelled boy then has his cock stuffed into his mouth, while his hairy severed balls are left lying on the sand.
Uselessly trying to hold his guts in as he shits himself uncontrolably, the naked boy then has his throat slit by his implacable opponents, and ends up writhing in his final moments in a mess of burst guts, stinking excrement and frothing blood..

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014

"Please, no !  - Not my fuckin' bollocks ! - NO !"

Vindrex the Gaul, has been stripped of his tiny leather loincloth, and brutally fucked in front of the arena crowd..
He now kneels 'bollock-naked' on the sand, with his hands tied behind his back.
He has a huge stiff cock and, as his vicious opponent bends down and grabs hold of the naked boy's balls, young Vindrex squeals for help, as he has an involuntarily orgasm, and shoots his creamy 'load' out onto the sand.
With a twist and a few tugs young Vindrex's ball-bag rips, and as his opponent stands up and drops the boy's severed, bloody bollocks onto the sand, the squealing  lad twists round and collapses in agony.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014

"You cu-nt ! - I got no fuckin' bollocks - an' I'm  fuckin' cummin'!"

Vindrex blurts out, as he writhes on the sand, squealing in agony after having his hefty bollocks ripped off.
The now useless balls, still in their bloody ball-sack, lie at his twitching feet.
The well-hung lad's huge 'donkey-dick' is still obscenely erect and stiff, despite his castration.
Moments after he is brutally emasculated, the poor boy's big cock, with the foreskin fully retracted, revealing his dark, shiny cock-head, jerks in spasms as he has his last ever, final orgasm.
The naked boy ejaculates forcefully, 'cumming' over his own heaving chest and belly, with great gobs of spunk spattering his wriggling body.
And within ten minutes the young Gaul, with the ginger hair round his cock and arse-hole, is dead, - his neck twisted and broken by his vicious opponent !




This naked gladiator can't get 'aroused' when he is crucified, as he has had his penis chopped off. Crucifixion was usually a long, drawn out death, but in this case the gladiator dies quite quickly from loss of blood, which pumps from the pathetic stump that is all that is left of his once huge prick.
(scene for the recent TV series 'Spartacus - Blood & Sand')

click here for a full description of the crucifixion and castration of two Roman slaves

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014


© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014

After killing Marcus & Ephebus, Calvius is given a cute little Gallic slave-boy as his reward.
Calvius takes the young teen to a locker-room, strips him and then rams his huge, stiff prick up the young Gaul's 'butt-hole' and gives the moaning, naked boy a good fucking, while Gracchus and some of his patrician friends look on.
And it's the last fuck Calvius ever has, however, as an hour or so later he gets brutally fucked himself, first by his opponent, young Hastus, then with a large wooden baton rammed into his arsehole, and finally by three arena-slaves, in the arena in front of the cheering crowd, - and then he has his big, hairy balls and his huge prick ripped off, before being horribly tortured and killed.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014
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In this first version of 'Calvius and Hastus', the gladiator Calvius is defeated and imediately stripped of his red linen subligaculum (loincloth) and left to face the cheering crowd stark 'bollock-naked'.
Hastus then brutally rapes the naked, older gladiator, and then sodomizes him with the butt of his spear.
In the process of being raped and sodomised masochistic Calvius becomes uncontrollably 'aroused', and repeatedly squirts his thick, creamy seed over the sand.
Young Hastus then cuts off Calvius' obscenely large, cock and his hairy balls.
Castrated and with his cock in his mouth, Calvius pathetically reaches for his severed balls lying on the sand in front of him. 

'You got no fuckin' prick or bollocks now !'
Hastus mockingly taunts him,

'so you're no use to anyone - so we might as well finish you !'

Calvius can't answer back, as his severed cock has been stuffed into his mouth, and can only grunt his pathetic pleas for mercy.
Terrified at he thought of being killed, he noisily shits himself, and pisses through the bloody stump that is all that is left of his once huge penis.
With a growing pool of piss soaking into the sand in front of him, and shit dribbling from his gaping, hairy arse-hole, naked, mutilated Calvius helplessly looks around at the crowd, in a panic - still hoping for mercy.
But no mercy comes - the crowd are enjoying his ultimate humiliation too much.
He is then speared in the neck by young Hastus.
For a moment both gladiators are motionless - Hastus grasping his spear an looking down at his pathetic, sexless, naked opponent - and Calvius, staring wild-eyed, with his neck transfixed by Hastus' spear.
The Hastus withdraws the spear and there is a horrible gurgling noise as blood starts to froth from the wound, and from Calvius' wildly flared nostrils.
Calvius looks round, frantically seeking help as he starts to drown in his own blood.
He stops reaching for his huge hairy ball-sack, which still contains his severed testicles, and which lies on the sand close by his knee, and both his trembling hands reach up to try and staunch the blood spraying from his neck.
He lets out a massive, noisy fart as the entire contents of his bowels flood out onto the sand, and then he sinks down slowly into his own shit, with the noise of the laughing crowd ringing in his ears.
Calvius then rolls over onto his back, desperately trying to staunch the blood pumping from his neck.
Calvius is lucky - unlike some fighters who are left to writhe in naked agony for up to half an hour as they slowly die - he take only five minutes, wriggling obscenely on the sand to the accompanying cheers and applause of the crowd.
Finally Hastus rams his spear, this time point first, deep into Calvius' guts, by way of the castrated gladiator's gaping arse-hole.
Calvius eyes practically pop out of their sockets as he feels the spear enter his anus, rip through his guts and pierce his diaphragm.
His whole body then stiffens, and jerks, and he looks down in amazement  at his bloody hairy crotch to see thick creamy spunk spurt from the stump that is all that is left of his once huge prick. He can't believe that he is 'cumming' for the last time as he dies, and he hasn't even got a cock - and then, as his seed squirts out onto the sand, his body goes limp, and his eyes go glassy in that strange stare that all dead men have.

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In the second version, Calvius is stripped stark naked, and with his big, hairy balls cut off - after being stabbed in the neck a naked gladiator lies on the sand - pissing and shitting.
Then, for the last time, despite having had his bollocks chopped off, the writhing, naked fighter gets a stiff prick and has a final orgasm, cumming and squirting his thick, creamy spunk over the sand.
As his useless 'seed' soaks into the ground, he is then 'finished-off' by being stabbed in the chest.

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After being 'arse-fucked' by young Nerva, and then buggered with a wooden baton, 'bollock-naked' Perseus is speared in the balls and castrated (loosing both his testicles and his penis).
As he writhes on the sand , naked, sexless and with a huge baton rammed up his arse-hole, he is finally put out of his misery and 'finished-off' by being speared in the chest.

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Vindrex v Lucian

“FUCK !  - My bollocks !"

the young Gaul Vindrex squeals, as the Sabian pankration wrestler, Lucian viciously knees him in the groin !

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TOP ROW 1: After Perseus punches Nerva in the balls, the referee stops the fight and 'horny' Perseus is forced away from his opponent at spear-point.
2: Nerva, while on the sand, is punched in the face by Perseus - this is an illegal move.
3: Dead and naked - Perseus' bollock-naked corpse is hung from the arena wall while Nerva looks on.
SECOND ROW 1: Perseus punches Nerva in the groin
2: Pugnax fucks his defeated young opponent Lysus
3: Pugnax punches Lysus in the bollocks
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TOP ROW 1: Calvius and Hastus get ready for their fight in the arena
2: Hastus viciously knees Calvius in the groin
3: Hysterical Calvius staggers round the arnea - clutching at his battered balls
SECOND ROW 1: Hastus rips off Calvius' subligaculum (loincloth)
2: Bollock-naked Calvius screams 'CUNT !' as he is impaled through his hairy 'arse-hole' with a thick wooden baton . He then gets'hard', and cums, squirting his thick spunk all over himself.
3: Bollock-naked Calvius is sat on an impaling stake after being fully castrated (prick and balls), and disembowelled, prior to being 'finished-off by being decapitated

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TOP ROW 1: Hector is speared on the lower belly
2: Hector is speared on the lower belly - rear view
3: Hector has his skimpy white subligaculum (loincloth) ripped off
SECOND ROW 1: 'Bollock-naked' Hector is roughly  'jerked-off' and 'cums' as he lies helpless on the sand
2: Still 'horny', naked Hector 'cums' again as he has his hairy anus impaled with a thick wooden baton
3: Impaled Hector is stripped completely naked by his opponents
THIRD ROW 1: Naked Hector is castrated, losing his huge stiff cock and both his balls
2: Completely naked and fully castrated, Hector is led away to be impaled on the arena wall
3: Stark naked and sexless, Hector is impaled on the arena wall
FOURTH ROW 1: With his severed  cock and balls skewered on the end of the stake, naked Hector screams, writhes, pisses and  shits on the sand, while his two victorious opponents discuss how to 'finish him off.'
2: Castrated, naked Hector is fatally disemboweled by having a meter long sword rammed up his arsehole
3: Hector' victorious opponent's accept the cheers and applause of the crowd as they stand in front of Hector's naked, disembowelled and castrated corpse
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TOP ROW 1: Vindrex's subligaculum (loincloth) is tied to his scrotum, and he is given 'ball torture'
2: Vindrex is fucked by Lucian
3: Stark naked Vindrex is tied to the arena wall, and is repeatedly kicked in the balls by Lucian
SECOND ROW 1: Vindrex is kneed in the balls by Lucian
2: Vindrex is lifted off the sand by Lucian
£: Vindrex is put in a 'neck-lock'
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FIRST ROW 1: Massimo hits Mendrix in the balls with his mace
2: Mendrix lies helpless on the sand as Massimo smashes Mendrix's bollocks to a pulp with his mace
3: Massimo is stabbed in the side by one of his opponents
SECOND ROW 1: Massimo staggers across the arena sand with a sword in each side
2: With a sword in each side, Massimo sinks to the sand, begging for mercy
3: Naked, impaled through the belly, and completely castrated (prick and both balls), Massimo is 'finished-off' by being decapitated.
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TOP ROW 1: An old slave writhes on the cross and urinates as his subligaculum (loincloth) slips off - the young slave, who is crucified and impaled through his anus, gets a huge erection and violently 'cums'
2: A young teenage slave is crucified naked.
3; A 'bollock-naked' slave is impaled on a wooden dildo attached to a post, fucks himself and 'cums' over the sand
SECOND ROW 1: A young blond slave has his subligaculum (loincloth) ripped off before being tortured and executed
2: Two slaves, wearing a fewstrips of rags, enter the arena - where they are to be impaled, castrated and decapitated
3: Naked slaves are forced to confess their crimes.

click here for a full description of the crucifixion and castration of two Roman slaves
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Top Row - Left
Massimo fights in armoured breast-plate and groin protector with a large spike mace. 
Mendrix fights 'bollock naked' - with helmet and cross-belts, - with sword and shield and a huge erection.
Top Row - Centre
Massimo clubs Mendrix in the groin with his spiked mace, crushing Mendrix balls and prick.
Top Row - Right
Mendrix - unable to stand - kneels on ths sand - begging for mercy
Middle Row - Left
Massimo pushes Mendrix onto his back, kick his legs apart, and clubs him a second time in the groin, completely mangling the boy's balls and prick. Mendrix pisses and shits himself.
Middle Row - Right
Young Mendrix writhes on the sand, screaming for mercy.
Bottom Row - Left
Massimo clubs Mendrix's head, crushing the boy's helmet and skull. Mendrix writhes up, shits again and the flops back onto the sand  - dead.

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The first of the 'boy-gladiator' fights in 'Calvius & the Boy Gladiators - the two young 'lovers', Ephebus and Felix fight to the death - with young Felix fighting 'bollock-naked' right from the start.

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Felix loses the fight and ends up getting impaled, with a baton up his anus, castrated (cock and both balls), and finished off with a sword.

see : 'Calvius and the Boy Gladiators' at


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On this particular day Calvius, a shaven headed, muscular, older gladiator, was to fight three 'boy-gladiators'; Marcus, Ephebus and Hastus.
Calvius was to fight these boys in order of age, starting with Marcus, who was the
Calvius was expected to win all three fights, and 'abuse' and mutilate the boys before killing them.
As it turned out all went as expected until the last fight, when Calvius had the 'tables turned' on him, and his fight against Hastus turned out to be his last fight - which he loses in the most appalling and humiliating way imaginable.

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