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NHB Kick Boxing
Yukio is 'finished-off'

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  • TOP RIGHT - Yoshi kicks 'bollock-naked' Chang in the balls 
  • TOP LEFT - Chang kicks Yukio who is 'spunking' over the canvass 
  • MIDDLE RIGHT - Lee fucks 'bollock-naked' Chow 
  • MIDDLE CENTER - Naked Yoshi 'cums' as he is impaled on the corner-post 
  • MIDDLE CENTRE - Chang shows off his 'tackle' before fucking Yoshi 
  • MIDDLE LEFT - Naked Chang, impaled on the corner-post, is castrated by Yoshi 
  • BOTTOM RIGHT - 'Bollock-naked' Chow wanks & 'cums' while Lee looks on 
  • BOTTOM CENTER - Castrated Chang 'cums' as he lies impaled on the canvass 
  • BOTTOM LEFT - Naked Chang, impaled and castrated, lies dead on the canvass 

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Kick-boxing takes place in  an ilegal 'club' that provides 'NHB' Kick-boxing fights 'to the death' and explicit 'Thai boy sex shows'

The setting is a sleazy bar in the center of Bangkok.
At the rear of the bar is a large hall.
In this hall the owners of the bar have built a kick-boxing ring.
Here criminal gangs stage kick-boxing contests.
These illegal fights involve 'rip & strip', with bollock-naked young fighters indulging in unprotected 'gay sex', including rapes and jerk-offs, in the ring.
The gangs make their money from the heavy betting, and the exorbitant entry fees they can charge foreigners to see the naked boys abuse one another
Of course they don't have to worry about the police closing them down as many of the senior police officers regularly attend these fights, and are given free entry and substantial bribes.
The fighters are poor Thai and Chinese boys, who are willing to undergo public humiliation and the possibility of serious injury - and even death - for the substantial money they receive for these fights.
The boxers wear very brief, silk shorts, under which is worn a tiny silk G-string, for 'support'.

No 'crotch-guard' or 'cup' is worn, and boxers fight with bare feet.

Kicking and punching is allowed to any part of the body.

Fights are normally fought to the death, and defeated wrestlers are are usually stripped naked, raped and abused before being 'finished-off'.

If the defeated fighter is lucky he will be 'finished-off' by having his back or neck broken.
If he is not so lucky he will be simply kicked, kneed and punched until he dies of his injuries.
The most unlucky boxers, however, are hung from the ropes by their balls, which usually results in their castration, and after this they will be 'finished-off by having their neck broken.
Other defeated boxers are sat on the corner-post.
With the thick, metal corner-post impaling his anus, a boxer in this situation will uselessly try to extricate himself, fucking himself on the post in the process, before having his balls ripped off by his victorious opponent.
The defeated, castrated fighter will then be brought down onto the canvass, with the detachable end of the corner-post inserted in his anus, and 'finished-off' by having his neck broken, or having opponent stamp on his chest or head.
With all this mutilation and killing going on, the canvas obviously becomes very messy so,
at the end of each fight, the canvass has to be sluiced down and dried, while the naked, mutilated corpse of the defeated boxer is dragged away.

Illegal kick-boxers require different tactics than normal kick-boxers.
Hitting a fighter in the jaw or mid-section may win a fight - kicking or punching a man in his unprotected groin, which is allowed in illegal fights, usually disables a boxer, but he remains conscious, and can then be stripped and 'abused', which is the main reason for these fights.
Some boxers, though, who start boxing in boyhood, are trained to pull their testicles up into their groin so that they can cope with being kicked between the legs.
This, of course, is why most of these kick boxers wear very small, tight G-strings under their shorts, as the tiny pouch encourages their testicles not to 'drop' down into their empty scrotum.
If a fighter gets an erection during the fighting, (which often happens), however, the pouch can get pulled out of place allowing the testicles to 'drop', and then boxer can be in real trouble.
All fights also involve 'rip and strip', where one or both of the fighter's lose their shorts, and usually later their tiny G-string, and are forced to fight completely naked', for the 'amusement' of the club members.

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Please note that this is a 'future fantasy', and bears no resemblance to any real locations, individuals or organisations. All images are computer generated, and do not involve any reals persons or individuals. It is not intended that any participants depicted are should in any way represent underage persons.
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  • TOP RIGHT - Chang 
  • TOP LEFT - The fight begins 
  • MIDDLE RIGHT - Yoshi kicks Chang in the balls 
  • MIDDLE CENTER - Chang sinks to the canvas - grabbing his balls 
  • MIDDLE CENTER - Yoshi rips off Chang's shorts 
  • MIDDLE LEFT - Chang tries to continus with a huge 'hard-on' 
  • BOTTOM RIGHT - Yoshi kicks Chang's exposed bollocks

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