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A cute naked young slave is tied by the arms and legs to an X shaped wooden cross.
A wooden screw is then turned in the base.
With each turn the wooden screw slowly rises, penetrating the groaning boy's anus.
Almost instantly the helpless, bound young slave becomes massively erect.
As the screw penetrates further and further into his rectum the slave boy squeals for mercy as he ejaculates, squirting his 'boy-juice' from his obscenely twitching cock up into his face.
After his first orgasm, the naked boy starts jerking up and down, uncontrollably, on the screw which is penetrating his rectum.
By jerking up and down, the pathetic lad is literally fucking himself, and his balls pull up, and his anal muscles twitch as he cums for a second time.
After 'cumming' for a third time, the 'horny', oversexed boy has his huge, jerking penis sliced off - and before he bleeds to death, his scrotum is sliced open, and his testicles are cut out.

'Garotting and Slow Castration'

'Hung by the Balls'

Impaled and Slow Castration

'Impaled and Slow Castration'

A bound, naked slave with big balls gets a huge hard-on when his is impaled through his anus on a large stake

Naked Roman Slave and Slave-boy
Anal Impaling

Two slaves are executed by impaling.
The older slave quickly slips down onto the sand, with the stake passing through his guts, lungs and heart, and exiting via his gaping mouth.
Before he can get 'hard', and before the stake exits his body he is dead.
His young friend (and lover) is less lucky.
The stake exits through his belly, leaving him squealing and 'hard'.
Grabbing hold of the bloody top of the stake he tries to pull himself up off the stake repeatedly.
Unsuccessful every time, he simply ends up fucking himself on the stake, and making himself 'cum'.
After 'cumming' twice, he has his prick and balls cut off, and is 'finished-off' by having his throat cut.

Naked Roman Slave - Bound, Nailed and Impaled

Naked Roman Slaves Bound and Impaled

Naked Roman Slave - 'Horny', Bound and Impaled

Impaled Naked Roman Gladiator

This cute young gladiator was defeated by his two, bulky Galacian opponents.
As soon as young Marius surrendered, he was stripped of his tunic and loincloth, and brutally raped, - the two 'horny Galacians taking it in turns to fuck him.
With a massively erect cock as a result of his double rape, poor Marius is carried over to a huge pointed stake set in the sanded arena floor.
With the crowd is calling for the young fighter to be impaled, the two hefty Galatians lift up Marius, who is screaming for mercy, and centre his frantically twitching, hairy arse-hole over the sharp point of the stake.
"No please ! Don't do it ! Not up my arse-hole ! I can't take it !", Marius moans.
Meanwhile his fighting comrade, Lucius, who has already been impaled, is groaning, as he repeatedly splatters the arena sand with his huge gobs of spunk, as he frantically and uncontrollably fucks himself on another huge stake.
Despite Marius' pleas for mercy, his two grinning opponents drop him viciously onto the stake, ripping open the horny young fighter's arse-hole in the process.
Marius' already huge cock jerks up and stiffens even more as he is penetrated, and as he is fucked by the stake he 'cums' violently, spewing out his thick, creamy spunk over the sand.
Groaning in a mixture of pain and pleasure, he looks down at his huge, jerking knob, watching, fascinated, as it squirts out his 'boy-juice'.
He will spend hours jerking up and down on the stake, fucking himself and enduring repeated, painful orgasms, even after he has drained himself of all his spunk, before he finally achieves relief and dies.

Impaled Naked Roman Slave - Last Squirt

Impaled Naked Roman Slave - Last Squirt

Naked Roman Slave  - Bound, Nailed and Impaled

'A Naked, Crucified Slave Cums as he is Impaled'

A naked slave is tied by his arms to a cross. His legs are then tied at the ankles and pulled wide and up, to expose his hairy anus.  A rough stake of wood is then centred on his anus and very slowly hammered into his rectum. Immediately the naked slave gets a huge erection.  As the stake is gradually hammered into his rectum the obscenely aroused slave groans and 'cums', and squirts repeated spurts of thick spunk over the stake which jerks in his anus in time to his squirting.
Later his huge erect penis and both massive testicles are cut off.

A naked slave is anally impaled while tied on a wheel

Slow Castration of an Impaled Slave

'Horny' Slave being 'Screwed'

Naked Impaled Slave Staked-Out

'Hard' Impaled Slave

Impaled 'Horny' Slave being Fucked

Anally Impaled Slave with Severed Penis and Pierced Testicles

Anally Impaled Slave with Large Erection

Anally Impaled Slave with Pierced testicles Ejaculating

Anally Impaled Slave Hung Upside Down

Fully Impaled Slave with Large Erection


Naked Roman Slave - Castration
One Ball at a Time

Naked Roman Slave - Skewered Cock

Naked Roman Slave - Sex Torture
Stretched Cock and Balls

Naked Roman Slave - Skewered Cock and Balls

Naked Roman Slave - Full Castration

Final 'Hard-On' Before Castration

Slow Castration with a Heavy Weight


Hung and Hard

Well-Hung Slaves
Naked slaves become sexually aroused, ejaculate and defecate as they are executed by being hung by the neck.

Slave 'Cumming' While Hanging

Hung Slave with Erection


Final Orgasm of Impaled Slave During Decapitation

Anally Impaled, Disembowelled Slave is Decapitated


Inverted Naked Crucifixion

Naked Boy Slave Being Garotted

Naked Roman Slave-boy Bound and Nailed

Staked Naked Slave

Stretched Balls


Disembowelled Slave with Erection


Mutilated, Castrated Slaves after Decapiatation

Anally Impaled Castrated and Decapitated Slave

Castrated, Decapitated Slaves

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