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Exceptionally Explicit Tales and Drawings of the Ancient Roman Arena

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'Garotting and Slow Castration'

Naked Roman Slave and Slave-boy
Anal Impaling

Two slaves are executed by impaling.
The older slave quickly slips down onto the sand, with the stake passing through his guts, lungs and heart, and exiting via his gaping mouth.
Before he can get 'hard', and before the stake exits his body he is dead.
His young friend (and lover) is less lucky.
The stake exits through his belly, leaving him squealing and 'hard'.
Grabbing hold of the bloody top of the stake he tries to pull himself up off the stake repeatedly.
Unsuccessful every time, he simply ends up fucking himself on the stake, and making himself 'cum'.
After 'cumming' twice, he has his prick and balls cut off, and is 'finished-off' by having his throat cut.

Naked Roman Slave - Bound, Nailed and Impaled

Naked Roman Slaves Bound and Impaled

Naked Roman Slave - 'Horny', Bound and Impaled

Impaled Naked Roman Slave - Last Squirt

Naked Roman Slave  - Bound, Nailed and Impaled

A naked slave is anally impaled while tied on a wheel

Slow Castration of an Impaled Slave

'Horny' Slave being 'Screwed'

Naked Impaled Slave Staked-Out

'Hard' Impaled Slave

Impaled 'Horny' Slave being Fucked

Anally Impaled Slave with Large Erection

Anally Impaled Slave with Pierced testicles Ejaculating

Anally Impaled Slave Hung Upside Down

Fully Impaled Slave with Large Erection


Naked Roman Slave - Skewered Cock

Naked Roman Slave - Skewered Cock and Balls

Naked Roman Slave - Full Castration

Slow Castration with a Heavy Weight

'Hung by the Balls'


Hung and Hard

Well-Hung Slaves
Naked slaves become sexually aroused, ejaculate and defecate as they are executed by being hung by the neck.

Slave 'Cumming' While Hanging

Hung Slave with Erection


Final Orgasm of Impaled Slave During Decapitation


Inverted Naked Crucifixion

Naked Boy Slave Being Garotted

Naked Roman Slave-boy Bound and Nailed

Staked Naked Slave

Stretched Balls


Disembowelled Slave with Erection


Mutilated, Castrated Slaves after Decapiatation

Anally Impaled Castrated and Decapitated Slave


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'Bollock-Naked - Hard and Horny'

"Shit !.... I'm so fuckin' horny !"

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'Cumming while Flogged'

"Shit ! You cunt !"

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'Timon - Waiting and Watching'
Naked Slave-boy

Timon, a very young slave boy, had been condemned to be executed in the arena for raping the even younger daughter of a Roman citizen.
For the Romans, age was no barrier to judicial punishment, and often very young boys were tortured and executed for the amusement of the arena audience.
Because Timon was so cute and 'well-hung' for his age, (and unlike many of Gracchus' young fighters, who were thoroughly shaved, this boy was so young that he had no body-hair), Gracchus had attempted to purchase him as a catamite (sex-slave).
The authorities, however, intent on making an example of such a young rapist, had refused Gracchus' offers, and had insisted that the boy be executed in the arena.
And so Timon waited and watched the other condemned slaves being 'jerked-off' raped, mutilated and executed, - getting more and more 'aroused' as he watched.
When his turn came to be taken to the centre of the arena, his very prominent erection drooped, but after being raped by the arena-slaves (six times - as the arena-slaves were literally queuing up to get their hands on the handsome little boy), he was once again massively 'hard'.
After the second fuck, young Timon, who was by then desperately 'horny', was required to 'jerk-off', which he was only too happy to do, as he urgently needed 'relief'.
After splattering the sand with his 'boy-seed', bollock-naked Timon was fucked a further four times, - and as his inhibitions seemed to have been removed by his first orgasm, he 'came' twice again during the remaining four fucks.
continued below....

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'Timon - Crucified and Impaled'
Young Timon was then tied to a cross in the centre of the arena – not in the usual way, but with both hands tied to one right side of the cross, one leg tied to the upright, and the other leg tied to the left side of the cross.
The result of this was to drape the lad across the upright and expose the boy's anus.
“Oh no !.... Don''t stick that up my bum !..”, Timon moaned when he saw the arena-slaves greasing up a large, thick wooden dildo.
The arena slaves then rammed then dildo into Timon's exposed, twitching anus, making his already stiff prick even 'harder'.
Horribly exposed, Timon, was totally embarrassed, and by then crying.
“Oh no !... I think I'm, gonna 'cum' again !”..., Tim moaned through his tears, as he writhed obscenely on the cross – to the great amusement and satisfaction of the arena audience.
Moments later he did 'cum', for a final time, squirting out huge jets of spunk, with his incredibly stiff prick jerking obscenely with each spurt.
One little Timon's orgasm was reduced to a long string of creamy spunk, dangling from his still twitching cock, an arena-slave approached him with a red hot blade.
“No !... Please sir !.. Don't cut my 'bits' off !”, little Timon pleaded as the implacable arena-slave removed his genitals in one cut, (with the testicles still in the bulging scrotum), and the whole lot was stuffed into the squirming boy's mouth.
Timon then grunted as an arena slave pushed a knife into the muscle just above his pubic bone.
The arena-slave then slit open Timon's belly from sternum to his pubic bone, and the arena audience cheered as the grunting boy's guts slid from the huge gash in his heaving belly onto the arena sand.
Finally, the arena-slaves showed some pity, and cut the naked, mutilated boy's throat, bringing his appalling suffering to an end in a spray of frothing blood.

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'Emasculated - but Still Squirting !'

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'Blindfold Emasculation'

Naked Roman Slave
Cute Twink about to have his Cock Cut Off

"Le'go my fuckin' prick ... you cunt !"

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'Castrated - Slowly'

"Shit No !....Please ! My fuckin' bollocks !"

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'Opened Up'

Naked slave has the shaft of his stiff prick slit open, and his ball-bag removed, to expose his bollocks - before being castrated.

"Cunts!....You cut open my fuckin' ball-bag !"

This big, muscular slave has been stripped naked and repeatedly raped by arena-slaves.
He is then bound and the arena-slaves 'play' with the embarrassed slave's cock and balls to get him really 'hard'.
Once he is uncontrollably 'horny', they ram a huge bronze dildo  deep into his butt-hole – and fuck him with it - pulling it in and out - to keep him hard.
They then  cut off the skin of his cock, including his foreskin, and slit open the open the trembling, jerking shaft.
They then slit open his hairy ball-bag, to expose his testicles.
They then leave him for about ten minutes, still hard and dribbling cum, groaning and writhing in agony – and then they emasculate him – cutting off his still hard penis, and both his exposed testicles, and finally cutting his throat, so that he dies frothing and spraying blood from his neck.

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'Slow Castration'

Young naked slave has his balls pulled off.

"Shit ! No !.... My fuckin' bollocks are cummin' off !"

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'Cumming - with No Balls !'

Castrated naked slave cums after having his severed bollock stuffed into his mouth.

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'Last Spunk-Up !'

Naked horny slave cums while getting ball and cock torture.

"Oh shit !.... I'm fuckin' cummin' !"

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Young Naked Arena Slave - Poses After Greasing the Impaling Poles

Impaling convicted criminals was a practice that the Romans learned from the Egyptians (it was their punishment for tomb robbery), and the Egyptians and learned it from the Hittites.
As the Romans, during most of the Republic and Empire, burned their dead, there was no crime of tomb robbery.
Instead, following their usual logic, the Romans used this particularly cruel and demeaning form of punishment for slaves who had committed sexual crimes – mainly rape involving under age Roman citizens.
Whereas, the Egyptians and Hittites had used sharpened wooden stakes, the Romans, at least when slaves were tortured and executed in the arena, used wooden poles, but mounted into the wooden pole was a removable bronze shaft, usually topped with a large bronze ball, a bronze 'pine-cone', or a bronze model of a 'glans' (a 'cock-head').
These 'knobs' were usually well greased, in order that, despite their size, they would slide, without too much difficulty, past the condemned slave's anus, and into his rectum.
The remainder of the bronze shaft, however, was left un-greased, so that the unfortunate victim would not slide down the shaft too quickly.
In addition, the victim would have his feet nailed, or tied securely to a cross bar at the bottom of the pole.
Unlike the Egyptians and the Hittites, the Romans did not use impaling as a form of execution, and the rounded knobs and un-greased shafts were intended to allow the victim to be impaled without injuring him internally to the extent that it would result in his death.
For the Romans, the impaling pole was really a giant 'sex-toy', intended to amuse and titillate the arena audience.
For this reason the arena slaves always referred to the impaling posts as 'fucking poles'.
The result of having the large impaling 'knob' inserted into the anus, for most male slaves, was very strong, involuntary erection.
The immediate reaction of most slaves was to try and lift themselves up – using their legs, which were attached by their feet to the wooden post on which the impaling shaft was mounted.
Of course they couldn't lift themselves high enough to get the bronze 'knob' out of their rectum, and quickly they sank down, impaling themselves a little further – which resulted in a reflex of pushing themselves up again.
The result of this was that the slave would almost immediately find that he was fucking himself on the bronze shaft – (hence the slang name – 'fucking pole').
The usual result of such activity was repeated, involuntary orgasms and ejaculations, often resulting in the unfortunate slave 'running dry'.
The sexual excitation brought on by impaling also facilitated the emasculation, that inevitably came, once the arena audience had tired of watching the slave writhing on the impaling post.
With the impaled slave having an extremely strong erection, it was very easy for the arena slaves to remove both the erect penis, and dangling testicles while, at the same time, the arena audience had an excellent view of the proceedings.
Equally, being held upright, with his hands tied, it was a simple matter for the slave to be disemboweled, if that was to be a part of his punishment.
Usually, an impaled slave was 'finished-off' by having his throat cut.
Once the slave had been 'finished off', the naked corpse would be removed from the impaling pole with the bronze shaft (now buried deeply) still inserted in the slave's body.
The naked, mutilated, impaled corpse would then be dragged, (by ropes with hooks inserted into the heels) to the Spoilarium, where the messy and smelly job of removing the deeply embedded shaft and 'knob' from the slave's body would be undertaken by arena-slaves. 
The body, but not the prized severed genitalia, would then be butchered, and later fed to the arena animals.

'Black Arena Slaves Impale a Cute Young Slave-Boy'

This very 'cute', but quite muscular, little blond boy, with creamy white skin and blue big eyes had been given, by Gracchus, to four of his black arena slaves.
These slaves, only occasionally used by Gracchus, are not only very muscular, but also exceptionally 'well-hung'.
On being given the little blond boy, they took it in turns to fuck him, while one of them made the boy 'suck cock' at the same time.
Penetrated with a huge black cock at each end, (butt-hole and mouth), the poor naked lad quickly got very 'horny', displaying, for his age, a huge erection.
After the first 'fuck and suck', the lad massively 'aroused' boy was forced to 'jerk-off', at knife-point.
After splattering his 'boy-seed' on the sand, the fucking and sucking continued, with the blond lad 'cumming' two more times, until the black arena-slaves were all 'satisfied'.
Eventually, the execution began.
The black slaves eschewed the usual 'smooth shafted' impaling poles, and used a special bronze pole, with a huge knob, (shaped like a monstrous 'cock-head'), at the top, and vicious spikes running placed regularly down the shaft.
Their first job was to get the boy's anus to open up enough to take the huge knob.
To assist them an arena-slave had already greased the knob, in order to help it to slip into the boy's 'hole'.
The poor boy screwed up his face as the black arena-slaves pulled on his legs in order to force the knob up into his straining arse-hole.
“Please !.... It's too big !.... It won't go in !....”, the boy moaned, as his anal muscles slowly stretched, and the massive knob began to slide slowly into his butt-hole.
Moments later the boy's anal muscles closed up tightly on the top of the shaft.
Once the entire 'knob head' is inside him, the arena-slaves started to jiggle the terrified lad up and down, effectively fucking him on, the bronze pole.
In response, the naked boy's cock grew stiffer and larger, and after a few minutes his smooth, dangling, balls pulled up to his hairless crotch, and his belly muscles tightened.
“Oh no !... I'm gonna 'cum' !...”, the grimacing boy moaned.
With the cheers and laughter of the arena audience ringing in his ears, his spunk then gushed from his wildly jerking cock and splattered over the sand
As soon as the spurting boy started 'cumming', the black arena-slaves pulled down hard on the boy's legs, and he sank down onto the spiked part of the shaft, screaming as he does so.
“No !.... My fuckin' bum-'ole !....”, the boy shrieked pathetically, as the spikes dug and ripped into his rectum.
While the unfortunate lad struggled, his ankles were tied to the lower (wooden) part of the pole, which enabled him to raise and lower himself on the pole, (using his legs).
Of course, when he did this, in a pathetic attempt to either reduce the pain, or lift himself off the pole, he involuntarily fucked himself.
Unfortunately for this young lad, because the bronze pole was viciously spiked, the spikes ripped into his rectum and guts, causing massive internal hemorrhaging.
Regardless of the pain, and the damage he was doing to himself, the blond boy squirmed obscenely on the pole, and 'came' for the last and final time.
After his copious squirting of 'boy-seed' had subsided, the black arena-slaves cut off the boy's bulky ball-bag, and then his still stiff, jerking and spunk-dribbling cock.
As the lad's genitals were cut away with an unheated knife, blood gushed from the boy's hairless, mutilated groin and that, combined with the loss of blood from his internal injuries caused him to loose conciousness, and in a few moments he was dead.
Left with the severed ball-bag and limp cock, the arena-slaves stuffed these into the dead boy's gaping mouth, and left the naked mutilated corpse as a grim warning to other recalcitrant slaves.

'Fully Impaled Young Slave-Boy'

This cute young slave-boy was stripped naked, fucked repeatedly by the arena-slaves and forced to ''jerk-off'. 
He then had a sharp stake rammed into his tiny, tight butt-hole.
Squealing all the time, and with a huge erection for such a young lad, he was then allowed allowed to slip down the impaling stake just a short way.
Then his belly was slit open, from pubic bone to sternum, and his guts allowed to poke out.
He was then forced the rest of the way down the stake, squealing all the way.
When the stake finally pierced his windpipe and emerged from his gaping mouth, he could no longer breath.
At that point he 'came' very forcefully,  for the last time, as he suffocated.

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'Cut Throat !'

This slave is lucky !
He still has his prick and balls .....
but his throat has been cut, and he's bleeding to death !

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'Riding the Pole II'

Naked slave gets a huge hard-on, and cums, when he is forced to 'ride' an impaling stake.

"Cunts!....My fuckin arse-hole !...
It's makin' me fuckin' cum !"

This big, muscular slave has been stripped naked and repeatedly raped by arena-slaves.
While raping him they 'play' with his meaty prick and his bulging ball-sack, and get him incredibly 'hard'.
The unfortunate slave is raped four times, and on two occasions, (the second and last rape), the arena-slaves 'play' with his cock so vigorously that he 'cums'.
While the poor lad is still massively 'hard' and 'horny', and panting after his last 'spunk-up', the four arena-slaves hoisted him up.
They  then slowly lowered the squealing boy onto a very thick, wooden stake.
The stake has a large, carved knob on the tip, and the knob has been heavily greased. Despite the size of the knob, because of the greasing, the naked slave's anus slid open, stretching horribly in the process, and allowed the stake to enter his rectum.
It did not penetrate him very far, however, as the shaft of the stake had not been greased, and friction prevented the squirming slave for slipping down much further.
In this case, this is what was wanted, because it was intended for the slave to live long enough to amuse and entertain the crowd with his writhing and screaming, prior to the main event, which would involve his very slow emasculation and subsequent disemboweling.
The emasculation was accomplished by first slicing off his erect penis with a red hot knife. The severed prick was then stuffed into the screaming slave's mouth. 
The slave's penis had been fully erect when cut away, and the red-hot knife had cauterised and sealed the base of the shaft.
The result was that the swollen, exposed 'cock-head', with thick strings of spunk hanging from it, was left poking out of the naked slave's mouth.
The next step was to cut along the raphe (the seam) of the writhing slave's bulging scrotum, thereby opening up the unfortunate lad's ball-sack.
The testicles were then pulled out, and repeatedly stretched, as a form of torture.
When the crowd tired of watching the torture, first the right, and then the left bollock were cut off.
Having been completely emasculated, the empty, open bag of skin that had held the slave's balls was cut away, and the slave's thick pubic bush was burned off, leaving the naked, sexless slave with absolutely nothing between his legs.
The bloody severed testicles were then jammed, with some difficulty, as they were bulky, into the squirming slave's nostrils, with the spermatic cords hanging down to his chin and dribbling blood onto his chest.
At that point the slave had great difficulty breathing, as his nostrils were blocked up, and his mouth was stuffed full with his own severed, and fully erect, penis.
The slave didn't have long to struggle with his breathing, however, as an arena-slave took a large knife, with a serrated edge, and shoved into the slave's thick, curly, pubic bush, just above his pubic bone.
The slave grunted loudly as the knife was then pulled slowly upwards with a sawing motion, all the way to the naked slave's sternum.
Almost instantly the squirming slave's bloody, coiled guts started to flop out of the long slit in his sweaty, heaving belly.
The horribly mutilated, naked slave, by then, was staring around wildly at the crowd, and at his tormentors, as he knew he was about to die.
His body then went into a series of spasms, piss sprayed violently from the bloody stump that had been the root of his cock, and his staring eyes nearly popped out of his head as he suddenly dropped down, as his hairy arse-hole slowly relaxed, and finally stopped gripping on to the stake.
As his 'hole' opened, farting and dribbling shit as it did so, the huge, thick stake penetrated him fully, horribly mangling his internal organs – and death came almost instantly.

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'Riding the Pole II'
Naked slave gets a stake rammed up his butt-hole, an then is given cock and tit torture.

"Fuck ! My cock ! My arsehole ! My tits !"

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'Too Big  for the Hole!'

Naked slave has a huge, thick stake rammed up his arse-hole.

'It's too fuckin big ! ... Take it out ! ... Please !"

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'Caged !'

"The cunts have nailed down my bollocks ... and cut of my fuckin' prick !"

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'Defeated Gladiator Being Impaled'

"No!... Don't sit me on that !... Not up my fuckin butt-hole .. Please !"

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'Impaling before Crucifixion'
"Oh fuck ! .... NO ! NO! ... Not in my arse-hole !"

This slave has been stripped naked and repeatedly raped by arena-slaves.
He was then bound to a cross and his legs were held apart by two ropes, exposing his excessively hairy arse-hole. An arena-slave then placed a large, thick, straight tree branch up against the struggling, pleading slave's frantically twitching butt-hole.
The arena-slave then started hammering the rough wooden stake into the squirming slave's rectum.
Almost immediately the groaning slave got a massive 'hard-on', and his huge violently waving cock started spewing out spunk.
The arena-slave continued, relentlessly, hammering in the large stake, and the naked slave, repeatedly begging for the offending stake to be removed, kept on 'cumming'. When the stake had almost disappeared up the squirming slave's butt-hole, his legs were untied, and were nailed to the sides of the upright of the cross
The cross was then raised to the vertical position, with the wriggling slave still massively 'hard' and dripping spunk.
After squirming on the cross for about ten minutes, the arena slave's then cut off the naked slave's huge, hairy genitals – the erect penis, and the scrotum, containing the slave's testicles, all in one cut, made at the 'root'.
The 'privates' were then stuffed into the slave's mouth, with the 'cock-head', with the foreskin pulled back, exposing the dark purple 'helmet', poking out between the slave's lips, and the slave's balls making his cheeks bulge.
The slave could then make little noise, as the last of his thick spunk dribbled onto his heaving chest, in thick strings, from the exposed cock-slit of his amputated prick, while blood dribbled down the inside of his muscular thighs from his mutilated, hairy groin.

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"It's pullin' my balls off ! ... My fuckin' bollocks !

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2015
'Naked Young Slave - Impaled'

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This young slave has been stripped naked and repeatedly raped by the arena-slaves.
As a result of being raped a number of times, the virile young lad has become enormously horny, with a solid, strong erection.
The naked boy, with his stiff cock waving about obscenely, is then bound to a complicated, hinged cross-frame, set in the centre of the arena.
At the base of the frame is a wooden screw device, with a screw ending in a large bulbous, carved knob, in the shape of a monstrous 'cock-head'.
The screw is slowly turned, screwing up the carved knob, until it forces it's way into the moaning boy's tight, twitching anus.
Then, at regular intervals, the screw is turned, forcing the wooden 'cock-head' further and further up into the naked, writhing boy's horribly stretched rectum.
In futile attempts to release himself, the unfortunate boy jerks up and down on the screw, effectively fucking himself.
As a result his 'hard-on' becomes massive.
As the boy gets more and more excited, pre-cum wells up from his gaping 'prick-slit'', and dribbles down the heavily veined, jerking shaft of his now huge cock, to his bulging ball-bag.
From there, the pre-cum drips down onto the wooden screw, effectively lubricating it, and then drips onto the arena sand.
Repeatedly, as a result of vigorously, but unintentionally fucking himself, the poor boy groans and cums, squirting his thick, creamy spunk over his own chest and belly, from where it dribbles down onto the thick curls of his dark pubic 'bush'.
Once the arena-slaves see that the naked, squirming boy seems to have 'drained' himself, they slice open his bulging ball-bag.
As he squeals hysterically, the arena slaves pull out his hefty bollocks, which they cut off, one at a time.
While the naked boy continues to squeal, the cut away the empty, useless ball-sack, and amputate his still erect penis.
The boy's cock, which is still stiff and hard, comes off in one cut, close to the 'root', and there is a final, useless squirt of spunk from the bloody stump.
While the boy's sex parts are nailed to the wooden cross-frame, his thick, pubic bush is burned off.
The whimpering slave's wounds are then cauterized, and the naked, impaled, emasculated, slave is left to squirm as he waits to be finished-off.
Finally he is disemboweled, and while he screams, as his guts slide out of his heaving belly onto the sand, he is decapitated.

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'Impaled and Cumming'

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2015

'Naked Slave Hung and Cumming'

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'Naked Slave Ball & Cock Torture'

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'Naked Slave - Ball & Cock Torture & Impaling'


Two slave boys – brothers – have been found guilty of sexually abusing young male Roman citizens. The punishment is public emasculation, impaling and death in the arena.
The two young slaves were first stripped 'bollock-naked', and then, at sword point, forced to have anal sex with each-other, for the 'amusement' and 'titillation' of the crowd. The idea of brothers fucking one another was particularly titillating for many in the arena audience.
Being very pampered slave-boys, the lads were well muscled, 'well-hung', and shaved all over (including the perineum and anal area), except for a neat trimmed, thick, curly pubic bush, and a little, trimmed hair under the arms.
This, of course, was to be the last time that either boy would fuck, in the sense of getting their prick up a boy's arse-hole, or up a girl's 'slit', or up her arse. That was not to say that both boys wouldn't shoot their spunk again – in fact during the course of their torture and execution they would both 'cum' a number of times – involuntarily.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2015
'The Second Fuck'

The First Fuck

The younger boy was the first to have a last fuck, getting his older brother to bed over.
This lad had no trouble getting a 'hard-on', even although he was in the arena and about to be tortured and executed, as just the sight of his cute brother, bending over and showing his naked butt and twitching arse-hole, was enough to get the lad really 'horny'.
Pulling on his already jerking prick, the naked young lad used his sizeable 'equipment' to 'skewer' his older brother's tight, but welcoming butt-hole.
To begin with the naked boy being fucked seemed far from happy with the situation, but after a few deft thrusts from his handsome, and 'well-hung' brother, his prick, which had simply been dangling, started to swell and stiffen, his back arched, and he started to pull at his own cock. The younger boy appeared to be putting on a really good 'show' – possibly in the forlorn hope that a couple of good, really 'dirty' fucks might satisfy the crowd, and then, perhaps the arena officials, pleased with a good 'show', might decide to 'finish-off', the boys quickly and not bother with the emasculation and impaling.
As both the brothers were young, and very virile, it was obvious that this first fuck, for the younger lad, was not going to last long – which may well have been a little disappointing for the arena audience.
As expected, the older boy (who was furiously wanking) 'brought himself off' very quickly.
“Oh shit !... This is it !....” the older lad moaned, as he felt his cock-root start to pump his spunk up his massively stiff shaft.
And at the same time, because he was cumming, his spasmodically contracting anal muscles squeezed rhythmically on his younger brother's thrusting cock, and caused the lad (who was hoping to delay things a bit) 'cum' very forcefully.
“Shit, I'm cummin' !”, the younger boy grunted, as his balls, which had been swinging provocatively previously, suddenly pulled up into his groin.
Earlier, he had been told by the arena slaves that, when he felt he was 'cumming', he should immediately pull his cock out of his partner's arse-hole, so that the arena audience could see his spunk squirting – and that he did.
He found it difficult, though, as his well-muscled legs were violently trembling, his belly muscles were tensing, and he had an almost overwhelming urge to thrust as deeply as possible into his brother's guts
He resisted to urge to violently 'plough' his older brother with his huge, spurting cock, however, and splattered his groaning sibling's naked back with thick, creamy spunk while the older boy shot huge gobs of his own 'cum' over the sand in front of him.
“Oh fuck !....Oh fuck !....Oh fuck !....” he moaned, as his held the thick shaft his huge, jerking tool, just below the bulge of the exposed cock-head, and moved it from side to side, guiding the thick strings of cum over the trembling back, and the smooth, pert globes of his brother's inviting buttocks.
Gradually the flow of spunk turned to a dribble and the boys, panting hard, looked at one another and grinned.
The arena audience were cheering and applauding wildly.
Even if the fuck itself had been quite short, the boy's orgasms had been spectacular, and perfectively timed.

The Second Fuck

Both boys then had the task of getting 'hard' again – very quickly – for the second fuck.
This time the older brother would be the 'top', so it was essential for him to be hard from the start.
Realising this, the younger lad knelt down and took his older brother's limp cock in his mouth, and started to 'suck him off', pulling the lad's foreskin back, and vigorously licking and sucking his 'cock-head'
Very quickly, the older lad, who was obviously enjoying the 'attention, with a wide grin on his face, got 'hard' again.
Once the older lad was really 'stiff', instead of making him 'cum', the younger lad lay on his back on the sand, spreading his legs wide, and putting them over his shoulders.
In this position, his butt and his arse-hole were fully exposed.
His older brother then bent over him, pushed down his stiff prick, so that the bulging cock-head was pointing at his brother's arse-hole.
He let a string of 'pre-cum' dangle down onto his brother's waiting butt-hole and then, having lubricated it, lowered himself onto the little, pink 'rosebud' that was twitching in anticipation.
“Go careful !”, the younger brother grunted, realizing that his older brother was much bigger (in cock size), than he was.
Not surprisingly, he was afraid of having his anus split open by his brother's big 'tool'. (Pointless, really as both he and his brother would be ripped open by the impaling stakes later – each ending up with an arse-hole that was totally mangled.)
As the older lad pressed down, the 'bottom' lad's arse-hole slowly opened, to accommodate the huge 'cock-head'.
“Oh fuck !...” the younger brother grunted, as he felt his anus being stretched. Moments later the bulging 'cock-head' disappeared, as the younger boy's anal muscles closed up, gripping the older brother's thick, ridged shaft.
“Shit !.... You're tight !....“, the older lad groaned, as he pushed all the way down.
The younger boy's rectum was by then completely filled with his older brother's hot, swollen meat, which by then had reached his prostate.
If there was fucking in the arena, Gracchus particularly favoured the position that these two lads were using, as both sets of balls, both cocks, and both arse-holes were clearly visible to the arena audience – and as the two lads in question were remarkably 'well-hung' – then that was even better.

The arena audience, predictably, were enjoying every minute of the 'show' that the boys were putting on, and were pleased to see that once the older brother had gone in as deep as he was able, he started 'pounding' his younger brother – bearing down on him rhythmically. The younger boy, having his prostate 'pounded', was by then incredibly hard, and managed to get his right arm round to 'play' with his cock.
As his brother's thrusts became more insistent, the younger lad began to dementedly jerk himself off.
“Go on !.... Fuck me harder.. !”, he grunted, frantic to 'cum' – and obviously forgetting that once he had 'cum' the torture would begin.
By then the older boy's penis was truly massive, and the speed and depth of his thrusting was  remarkable.
The result was that he 'brought off' his young brother, who was also wanking anyway.
“Shit !... I'm fuckin' cummin' !...”, the squirming boy cried out.
Instantly his spunk squirted, splattering all over the contorted face of his older brother.
The older brother found this so 'exciting' that he then instantly 'came'.
Straight-away he pulled his huge cock out from his young brother's spasming arse-hole and, grabbing hold of the unruly 'tool', he aimed it at his young sibling's face. Immediately his spunk jetted out, splashing into the young lad's face.
However, because the boy was having his own orgasm, his mouth was wide open, and most of the spunk jetted between his gaping lips, and down his throat.
The naked boy swallowed hard, licking his lips in obvious satisfaction, as more spunk splattered into his eyes, and over his cute, upturned nose.
For a few moments the two lads struggled and squirmed as they squirted spunk over each-other and then, finally, they collapsed into each-other's arms, while the arena audience applauded and cheered.

The Impaling, Emasculation and Execution

Four arena slaves then went over to the breathless lad's, and dragged them to their feet.
It was at this point that the naked boys once again became aware of the appalling fate that awaited them.

to be continued....

One brother has already lost his balls - and the other brother is just about to loose his.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2015

'Decapitated, Impaled Slave'

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2015

'Decapitated Youth'

'Naked Gladiator Tortured'
Adapted from an Original Painting by  Maurice Heerdink

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2015
'Charon Wanking'

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2015

'Charon Emasculated'

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2015

'Emasculated Gaul'



  1. I loved his drawings, I was very excited. Are much better and more exciting of the assemblies with color photos and the struggles and executions in the arenas.
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