Zennon and Memnon are two tough gladiators specially hired from the Public Arena.
Previously they fought Hector, a handsome young fighter from Grachus' Private Gladiatorial School.
As a 'two against one' fight they had no trouble defeating Hector, and then stripped, 'dildo-fucked', 'jerked-off' and castrated the young lad, before impaling him on a spike, disembowelling him and finally 'finishing him off' ! 
This spectacular, bloody and sexually explicit killing was very popular with the crowd, and so Grachus has given them another fight, this time with an equally handsome, and massively 'well-hung' young fighter called Sicarius.
Grachus has no qualms about having Sicarius killed, which is the most likely outcome of this fight, as young Sicarius has shown no inclination to 'abuse' his defeated opponents, and is , therefore, unpopular with the crowd, despite his good looks, excellent physique and massive 'equipment' !


Much to the disappointment of the crowd, the unlucky Sicarius doesn't get to 'jerk-off' or fuck in the arena because he gets castrated (penis and left testicle, and later the remaining testicle), right at the start of the fight !
However, the 'horny' young lad has a long slow wank in the locker-room and, unbeknown to Sicarius, Grachus and some of his close friends, watch him through concealed spy-holes in the adjoining corridor.
While Sicarius refuses to fuck or 'jerk-off' his defeated opponents in the arena, when he's alone he's obviously a bit of a 'stud', so Grachus sends in a cute, pretty young slave-boy to see if Sicarius can fuck a well as he can wank !

In what he thinks is the privacy of the locker-room Sicarius wastes no time.
"Come on, son, get stripped off an' we can have some fun !", Sicarius tells the lad,
The boy obediently removes his tunic an his loincloth.
"Right, get on your back on the floor an' raise an' spread your legs so I can get to your arse-hole."
Meanwhile Sicarius plays with his cock, which has gone limp  after his previous wank.
He then squats over the boys face.
"Now lick my balls an' my cock-root an' make me nice an' hard." Sicarius tells the boy.
The boy complies, and while he does so Sicarius groans with pleasure, and plays with his rapidly growing shaft.
After a few moments Sicarius' foreskin pulls back, his huge, gleaming 'cock-head', dribbling  pre-cum, emerges, and he is ready to fuck.
"Right boy, lie back and keep your legs spread and high, and relax your arse-hole - an' it won't hurt - an' I might even get you to cum while I fuck you !"
"Yes, sir" the boy replies meekly, as Sicarius guides his huge, jerking cock towards the boy's hairless, puckered, pink 'hole'.
For the first fuck Sicarius is gentle, and his erection is moderately hard
"I think you're too big, sir !", the young slave-boy moans, as Sicarius penetrates him.
Even so, the young boy's penis gets hard as Sicarius starts gently 'ploughing' the little lad.
After a few minutes the naked slave-boy begins to groan.
"I think I'm gonna cum, sir !", he grunts.
Moments later the naked slave-boy squirts his 'boy-juice' over his heaving chest and belly.
The effect of the boy's anus spasming as he ejaculates then almost immediately 'brings off' Sicarius.
"Fuck ! .. I'm fuckin' cumming !", the young gladiator groans, and his thick, hot seed gushes into the naked slave-boy's rectum.
"That was good, son !", Sicarius grunts, as he pulls his gradually softening member out of the slave-boy's arse-hole.
While he takes his time recovering, he takes hold of the slave-boy's limp penis and starts giving the lad a 'jerk-off'.
Almost immediately the young boy gets hard.
"You're a horny little cunt !", Sicarius tells the lad, as he pumps the boy's stiff cock.
"Yes, sir !", the naked and obscenely aroused boy replies, as his balls pull up into his hairless groin and his hips buck.
"I'm gonna cum !", the boy blurts out in a strangled grunt, as a fountain of creamy boy-juice erupts from his pulsating prick.
With his appetite whetted after fucking the boy and then 'jerking him off', Sicarius, who has got very 'hard' on seeing the naked slave-boy cum, then decides to fuck the boy a second time.
This time Sicarius' cock gets fully erect, swelling to monstrous proportions.
"Get your legs spread again, son !" Sicarius tells the boy, "I wanna fuck your tight little 'hole again !"
Without any preliminaries, Sicarius rams his huge, glistening cock-head into the naked boy's tight, hairless anus.
"Oh shit - no ! Not so quick !", the squirming slave-boy splutters.
Sicarius, however, igores the boy, and rips open the poor little boy's arse-hole as he rapes the helpless lad, rather than just fucking him !
"Shit ! My bum-hole ! - Please sir, No !", the panicking boy squeals.
Despite the boy's squealing, however, no one intervenes to help, despite the fact that Grachus and some of his close friends are still watching from the adjoining room.
Meanwhile the slave-boy is writhing helplessly under the brutal assault from Sicarius.
Despite being injured by Sicarius' huge stiff cock, the slave boy is obscenely 'hard', and starts squirting spunk all over himself.
"Shit ! ... Stop ! - Its in my fuckin' guts !" the boy screams, as Sicarius rams his huge shaft deep into the struggling boy.
Finally the naked lad stops struggling, and jerks about like a rag doll as Sicarius mangles the boy's guts with his huge 'tool'.
"Fuck !", Sicarius finally groans, as he floods the unconscious slave-boy's bowels with his hot spunk.
Sicarius then gets up, replaces his loincloth.
Sicarius then leaves the the naked lad on the locker-room floor, with blood pouring from his ripped anus, and goes off to get ready for his fight.
The unfortunate little slave-boy, who dies shortly after being raped by Sicarius, is avenged, however, as Sicarius is defeated in his fight.
And so, fucking, or rather raping the slave-boy was the last fuck that Sicarius ever had.


The three young gladiators enter the arena to the cheers and applause of the crowd.
Memnon then faces Sicarius, with Zennon, ominously, standing behind young Sicarius.
Sicarius, of course, is still recovering from his wank and his two fucks with the little slave-boy, and is not really up to fighting against his two opponents.
Memnon and Sicarius begin to spar with Sicarius.
"Right ! Grab him Zennon !" Memnon calls out to Zennon as Zennon manages to get behind Sicarius.
Zennon drops his sword and grabs hold of Sicarius by his arms.
"Fuck ! ... That's a fuckin' foul !", Sicarius calls out to the arena officials, but the officials wave on the fighters as they have been told that Siarius is to be killed in this fight.

While the patricians in the crowd disapprove of these tactics, preferring to see some skilful sword fighting, the crowd, eager to see some blood and sex, are only too pleased to see some 'dirty' tactics, and Grachus, of course, is only to happy to see Sicarius defeated and killed.
"Fuck ! They can't do that !", Sicarius shouts, as he struggles, realising that his opponents can kill him easily.
Zennon has the boy firmly held, and it is a simple matter for Memnon to thrust his sword lightly into Sicarius' belly.
"Shit !" Sicarius screams as he is wounded, and the poor, helpless boy immediately drops his sword and 'wets himself'.
Sicarius is confused, shocked and terrified of what else Memnon might do to him.
"I'm sorry Memnon ! I've wet myself !" - Sicarius actually apologizes to Memnon for pissing in his own loincloth, while the crowd cheer and laugh at the young lad's unfortunate predicament, as piss dribbles from the boy's bedraggled, and now almost completely transparent loincloth onto the sand !


Sicarius, realizing that he cannot win the fight with his two opponents employing such 'unfair' tactics, decides to submit, and throw himself on the mercy of the crowd.
"I give ! Show me mercy !", Sicarius pleads to the crowd.
The crowd are having none of it, however, and in fact call for young Sicarius to be mutilated before he is 
Having pissed in his loincloth, Sicarius' loincloth is practically transparent, and it's easy for Memnon to see how Sicarius' 'privates' are hanging.

So Memnon is only to happy to please the crowd, as he realizes that he can easily castrate the boy through his sopping wet loincloth.
Young Sicarius saw the sword being aimed at his wet, bulging groin, and guessed what was about to happen.
"No ! Not that !...... Anything but that ! Not my bollocks !..... Don't cut off my balls !...... Pleeeease !", the poor boy practically sobbed.
Memnon carefully thrusts his sword into the pouch of the loincloth, aiming for the hairy 'root' of the boy's genitals, which is now clearly showing through the thin, transparent material.

"Shit ! My fuckin' crotch !" Sicarius squeals, as the crowd cheers, and Memnon, once he is sure he has pierced the boy's pubic area, carefully pushes and twists the blade to try and ensure that the poor lad's privates are separated from his hairy crotch.
"Fuck ! - you got my balls ! ... my bollocks !", Sicarius groans.
As Memnon withdraws the blade from the pouch of the squealing, helpless boy's loincloth, the sopping wet pouch drops down dramatically, with a spreading red stain, showing that the boy's prick and balls are now almost certainly detached, and lying loose in the sagging pouch.


"Shit ! My fuckin bollocks !", Sicarius groans, struggling, while Zennon continues to hold the poor boy.
Memnon then carefully unties the top of the pouch of the loincloth, where it is attached to Sicarius' wide, leather belt.
"Let's see what you really got, boy !", Memnon leers, as he strips Sicarius
"No ! Don't fuckin' strip me !", Sicarius begs pathetically.
Young Sicarius, thinks he has only been wounded in the crotch, and apparently is unaware that he has been partially castrated.
Memnon, not surprisingly, ignores the young lad's pathetic pleas.
Having untied the pouch of the loincloth, Memnon stands back, so that the crowd can get a good look, and then, with a flourish, he pulls the wet loincloth away.
As the wet sodden, cloth comes away, Sicarius' severed, bloody penis, and one testicle - still attached to the penis - tumble out, and fall to the sand, leaving just a repulsive, bleeding stump poking out obscenely from the sopping wet, curly hair of the boy's thick, dark pubic 'bush', and one bleeding testicle hanging forlornly.
"Oh fuck ! I lost my prick an' a ball !", Sicarius groans as he looks down at his mutilated, hairy crotch
As the boy's severed prick and one ball drop to the sand, the crowd laugh and cheer, as Memnon shouts to them that they now have 'a one bollock, prickless boy !'.
The crowd, of course, shout back for Memnon to 'cut the other bollock off and finish the job !'
Sicarius, seeing his 'boy-bits' on the sand, immediately starts squealing for his prick and his bollock, and it is at this point that the poor boy realizes that now he has no chance of leaving the arena alive.
Memnon now removes Sicarius tight fitting helmet, as he wants the crowd to see the helpless boy's reactions to the rest of the torture he is planning for the poor boy. 
Sicarius is handsome, and the crowd will obviously enjoy seeing his pretty features contorted with pain as he is slowly 'finished-off'.
"Don't cut the other bollock off ! Please leave me with some of my bits !",Sicarius pleads pathetically.
"Why do you need one fuckin' ball when you haven't got a fuckin' prick, so you can't fuck or wank anyway ?", is the reply.

Zennon, as he taunts the struggling boy with this question, playfully flicks the remaining testicle, which is only hanging by the spermatic cord, a few strands of muscle and some veins, in order to 'amuse' the crowd.
Each flick, however, is appallingly agonizing for young Sicarius.
"Please don't touch my ball - it really hurts !" he begs, but to no avail.
Finally Zennon thrusts with his sword at Sicarius' last vestige of manhood.
"Shit ! .... My fuckin' bollock ! - You cut it off !", Sicarius squeals, and the crowd cheer.
The 'root' of young Sicarius' remaining testicle has been sliced through, and the bulging, bloody bollock drops to the sand.
Sicarius is now left totally emasculated, and groaning in agony !
Because there is a rich supply of blood to the genital area, there is always the danger, when fighters are castrated, that they will quickly loose consciousness and even die from loss of blood before their opponents have had time to torture or mutilate them further.
To ensure that the crowd are not deprived of the 'pleasure' of seeing the defeated fighter endure further abuse, after being castrated, it is often the practice to roughly cauterize the bleeding stump that is usually all that is left of the defeated fighter's genitals.

In Sicarius' case, after Memnon has cut off his opponent's remaining testicle, an arena-slave steps in with a red hot-iron.
Sicarius is still being conveniently held by Zennon.
"Please ! - Not that ! Not between my legs ! - Don't fuckin' burn me !" Sicarius screams.
Despite Sicarius' pleas for mercy, however, it is a simple matter for the arena-slave to thrust the glowing iron between the squirming boy's legs for a few moments.
(Memnon tells the arena-slave to take care not to cauterize the boy's anus, when he puts the hot iron between the boy's legs, as Zennon wants to fuck the young lad up the arse before he is finally 'finished-off').

As the crowd cheer, Sicarius squeals horribly for the pain to just stop, as smoke, smelling of burning flesh and singed, burnt pubic hair, billows up from the naked boy's mutilated, roasting crotch, and wafts across the arena !
Now that the bleeding has been staunched, Memnon and Zennon can take their time as they continue to horribly torture and abuse their poor, unfortunate victim !
Memnon then stuffs Sicarius' genitals into the boy's mouth, leaving the gleaming dark 'head' of Sicarius' stiff prick poking out obscenely !
Young Sicarius now can't speak or scream, and can't even spit out the offending genitals because the bulkiness of his bulging balls completely fills his mouth !


Sicarius is still hunched over, staggering on the sand, clutching at his mutilated, bleeding groin.
Memnon is not at all keen on 'abusing' the mutilated boy but, seeing the huge, obscenely twitching bulge in Zennon's loincloth, he stands back to let his 'horny' companion 'have his way' with the poor, helpless boy.
Taking advantage of the fact that Sicarius is bent over, Zennon pulls down his loincloth, and pulls out his huge, stiff prick.
He then grabs hold of the rear of Sicarius' belt, to steady the boy and prevent him toppling forwards, and then rams his jerking, dribbling 'tool' into young Sicarius' exposed arse-hole.
Sicarius is incredibly 'tight', as a result of just having been castrated, and it takes some really strong thrusts for Zennon to penetrate the groaning boy fully.

Once he gets the full length of his cock up the boy, he starts thrusting hard.
The two gladiators jerk backwards and forwards on the sand as the tempo of Zennons' thrusts increase. Eventually Zennon lets out a loud groan, which is accompanied by the cheers of the crowd, as he 'cums'.
As soon as he starts pumping his spunk up his swollen 'shaft', he pulls his huge 'tool' out of Sicarius' gaping arse-hole, and waves it about as he splatters his creamy, sticky 'seed' over the poor, castrated boy's gleaming, naked buttocks.
Once Zennon has finished 'cumming', he shakes his softening prick to get rid of the last gobs of spunk, and stuffs his cock back into his loincloth.
Sicarius is castrated, so it's impossible to get him to 'toss-off' or sexually 'abuse' him in any other way, so there is nothing else to do but 'finish-off' the naked, mutilated boy.


Memnon leaves that to Zennon, who then picks up the boy's sword.
Sicarius is not aware of what Zennon is doing behind his back, but when he hears the crowd begin the cheer he tries to look behind him, fearing that Zennon may be about to fuck him again.
He soon realizes that he is mistaken as the crowd grows wild, and he feels cold steel, rather than a hot prick, penetrating his anus.
Zennon rams the full length of the sword into Sicarius' hairy arse-hole, and then twists it round a couple of time, completely mangling the poor boy's guts !
In the process, Sicarius' tight anus is ripped open, and he ends up in the same state as he left the little slave boy that he raped, - except that he now has no prick or balls, and his guts have been sliced open inside him !
The poor, naked boy jerks forwards, horrified at what is happening to him, and goes down on his hands and knees, in the most appalling agony, as his abdominal cavity begin to fill with excrement and blood.
The pain is so appalling that all the mutilated boy can do is kneel, trembling, - grunting through his nose as he tries to tell his opponents to 'finish' him !
Once Zennon has finished twisting the sword in Sicarius' anus he lets go of the naked, castrated boy's belt.

Sicarius then starts reaching behind to try and grab hold of the sword, in a desperate, but completely futile attempt to pull it out of his ripped arse-hole.
All the time the crowd are laughing and jeering at the boy's pathetic antics, and at the sight of a stripped young gladiator with a sword poking out of his naked back-side !
Meanwhile, Memnon and Zennon stand and simply watch, as they wait for the crowd to tire of the comic display that the poor boy is putting on, as this will be the sign for them the 'finish-off' the young lad.
The boy's internal bleeding is obviously having an effect, and Memnon decides that it is time to finish off the boy before he lapses into unconsciousness, as the crowd will not enjoy seeing and unconscious or dead boy being decapitated.
Once it becomes obvious that the crowd are tired of watching Sicarius' squirming on the sand trying to reach for the sword poking out of his hairy anus, Zennon and Memnon decide to strip the lad completely naked before 'finishing him off'.
First they roll him over onto his back to unbuckle the wide leather belt round his waist.
Once they have taken this off, Zennon makes the mistake of pulling the sword out of young Sicarius' arse-hole.
As soon as the sword comes out, liquid shit and blood come gushing out of the boy's gaping, mutilated arse-hole, (the same thing happened to the slave boy Sicarius raped), and piss sprays from the bloody stump where his penis once was.
Sicarius, no longer really knowing what is happening to him, instinctively tries to get up to get away from his tormentors, but can only manage to partly sit up, raising one arm in the traditional way of begging for mercy from the crowd.
Of course the poor mutilated boy doesn't know what he's doing, because the only merciful thing to do to him now is to put him out of his misery as quickly as possible !
It's obvious that Sicarius will not last long losing that much blood, and the crowd will expect the boy to be still alive when he is decapitated, so instead of completely stripping him, and 'finishing' him stark naked, Zennon and Memnon decide to 'finish him off' quickly, before he dies from shock and loss of blood.
With blood and shit pouring from Sicarius' gaping, mutilated anus, Zennon and Memnon quickly turn the boy over and get him onto his hands and knees, as he has now lost too much blood to stand up, or even kneel upright.
Sicarius, himself, probably wants to be 'finished-off' as quickly as possible now, as his guts are horribly mangled, and his abdominal cavity is rapidly filling with blood and excrement.
Although he can't scream, as his mouth is stuffed full with his own severed genitals, he is obviously in the most appalling agony, and probably just wants his obscene ordeal to end.


Memnon, of course, realizes this, so he grabs hold of the boy's hair, and uses his sword to slice off the naked boy's head !
Unfortunately for Sicarius, however, because of the angle, Memnon can't take off the boy's head with one cut, and ends up 'sawing' through Sicarius' neck. 
Poor Sicarius, who is now spraying more piss over the sand from the bloody stump which was once his penis, squirms around on the sand until his head is finally severed and falls off his neck.

The still living body of the naked, castrated boy then rolls over onto its back, with his arms and legs still twitching convulsively, as blood pumps from the neck !
Meanwhile the head lies nearby, and the boy's eyes appear to be viewing the sight of his naked, squirming headless body with horror.
To finish off the 'tableau' Zennon places Sicarius' severed head in front of the still twitching corpse, by the boy's shoulder.

The two victorious gladiators then stand over their young, naked and mutilated opponent's corpse to receive the cheers and applause of the crowd.
While being fucked, impaled up his arse with his sword, being castrated and decapitated, young Sicarius was still wearing his belts, slave collar and boots.
Once he had been 'finished-off' the crowd wanted to see the boy stark naked, so Memnon and Zennon stripped the corpse completely.
(The belts, collar and boots would be wanted back at the gladiatorial school anyway, for another fighter to use.)

The stripping was a messy business, as the boy's corpse continued to dribble urine and excrement from its mutilated orifices.
While young Sicarius' stark naked, mutilated corpse lies propped up against the arena wall, ready to be hoisted up, Memnon lifts up the severed head to show to the cheering crowd !
Moments later, Sicarius' corpse is hoisted up and left to hang from the arena wall, mutilated and stark naked, while the other fights continue in the arena !
At least young Sicarius got to wank and stick his huge stiff cock up a young slave-boy twice about twenty minutes earlier – but then the same stiff cock that was 'ploughing' young slave-boy was brutally chopped off while still 'hard', along with Sicarius' bulging, spunk-filled bollocks, and that was followed by unfortunate lad being impaled up his arse-hole with his own sword, and finally decapitated in front of the crowd !


Naked Hector
castrated and impaled
Castrated Sicarius pisses and shits
before his is decapitated
Memnon, fresh from the fight where he decapitated Sicarius (see right), now has to fight young Quintus.
Memnon is a tough gladiator who was originally specially hired from the Public Arena.
Previously he and Zennon fought Hector (see left), a handsome young fighter from Grachus' Private Gladiatorial School.

Impaled through his anus,
young Hector is brutally castrated
With his genitals stuffed into
his mouth, Sicarius is decapitated
As a 'two against one' fight they had no trouble defeating Hector, and then stripped, 'dildo-fucked', 'jerked-off' and castrated the young lad (see left), before impaling him on a spike, disembowelling him and finally 'finishing him off' !
This spectacular killing was very popular with the crowd, and so Grachus bought both fighters, and gave them another fight, this time with an equally handsome and 'well-hung' young fighter called Sicarius, who the similarly fought and defeated.
Memnon, on his own, is then pitted against a 'first time' fighter, young Quintus (see left and right), who stand no chance against his experienced opponent, and goes down straight away to an ignominious session of mutilation & torture before being 'finished-off' to the cheers of a satisfied crowd !


Memnon and Quintus are well armoured, with wide, thick leather belts round their waists, to prevent stomach wounds and disembowelling, and they also wear metal studded arm-guards and leather boots.
Both gladiators also wear full-face helmets.
The main difference in their 'kit' is that Memnon wears a loincloth with a very brief pouch at the front, but this is covered by a heavy, metal groin guard to prevent him from being castrated through his loincloth, like Sicarius.
At the rear he has a full-cut 'seat', which covers most of his buttocks.
Quintus, who's is almost certain to lose this fight, is dressed more provocatively, as far as his loincloth is concerned.
All he has been given is a tiny pouch at the front, held in place by a thin cord, and another thin cord running from the rear of his pouch, up between his 'arse-cheeks', and attached to the rear of the waist cord.
This tiny 'caché-sex', is designed to be a 'crowd-pleaser', and a possible encouragement to Memnon to fuck the boy, as it leaves his muscular, shaved buttocks completely exposed !
Quintus is one of the best 'hung' gladiators in Grachus' Gladiatorial School, and yet for this fight he wears one of the smallest loincloths ever seen in the arena !
The question that everybody's who's seen him nude is asking is 'how does he fit it all in to such a tiny pouch ?'.
The answer of course is, 'with great difficulty', and it is the squeezing of his testicles and penis that probably produces the 'priapism' (permanently 'stiff' prick), that he suffers from during the fight - and this is the cause of his undoing, because Memnon, in his crazy attempts to get rid of Quintus' erection, first subjects the boy to some appalling 'ball-torture', then uses the vicious 'ball-crusher' on him, and eventually gives up and simply cuts off Quintus' erect penis, along with both his testicles !
Memnon is a problem for Grachus, the owner of the 'Private Games'.
He has bought Memnon, along with Zennon, from the Public Games at great expense after seeing the crowd's obvious satisfaction at the spectacular killing of young Hector. In that fight, however, Memnon didn't fuck Hector before 'finishing' him - but then neither did Zennon.
In the next fight Zennon performed satisfactorily, fucking young Sicarius, even after Sicarius had been castrated !
Memnon, however, refused to get his 'tackle' out.
Grachus knows that Memnon has the wherewithal to fuck, as he has watched him regularly fuck the young slave-boy Clietus. 
Memnon now has his last chance with young Sicarius, who he can easily beat, and is very handsome, with a very inviting, shaved butt !
If Memnon fucks the lad before 'finishing' him he will be given more young inexperienced fighters to 'abuse' and kill - if not he will be put up against a really experienced gladiator and his boy-lover, Clietus, to be horrifically abused and killed ! 


The two gladiators enter the arena to the applause of the crowd.
Memnon is popular with the crowd as he has already 'finished-off' two young gladiators with the sort of sadistic savagery that the crowd loves to see.
What the crowd haven't seen, however, is Memnon get his prick out and fuck his defeated opponents, and that is what they expect, and hope to see in this fight.
The inexperienced young fighter, Quintus, attracts the most attention of the crowd, however, because of his tiny 'caché-sex', with it's straining pouch, which is barely able to hold his bulky 'tackle', and his fully exposed, firm, rounded buttocks. 
Quintus is  ideal as a fighter who can be easily defeated, because he is so inexperienced, and his exposed buttocks should be sufficiently inviting for Memnon to fuck the lad's arse and give the boy a good 'seeing to' !
Right from the start, Quintus is obviously 'out of his depth', and as soon as he is wounded in his leg he effectively 'gives up'.


As Quintus is wounded in his leg, and can now only limp round the arena, unable to avoid  Memnon's thrusting sword, he effectively 'gives up'.
Realizing that his opponent is not going to put up a fight, Memnon twists the terrified boy round, grabs hold of his helmet, and bends the young lad over.
The crowd immediately begins cheering, thinking that Memnon is going to get his stiff cock out and ram it up the boy's arse-hole, without even bothering to rip off the lad's tiny G-string    .
Memnon has other ideas, however, and before Quintus know what's happening, Memnon rams his sword up the startled boy's arse ! 
"Fuck ! ... Fuck ! .... My Fuckin' arse-hole !", Quintus squeals, as the crowd cheer.
But the crowd are also disappointed, once again, as now the boy's anus has been mutilated, there's little chance that he will either be fucked, or 'jerk-off'.
Quintus is now left, bent over, with Memnons' sword poking obscenely from the 'crack between his firm, sweaty buttocks, groaning for mercy, and terrified to move in case he does himself any further damage.
"Shit ! - you cunt ! Look what you fuckin' done ! - It's up my fuckin' 'hole, an' in my fuckin' guts !" Quintus groans.
Memnon, not wanting to 'finish' the boy too quickly, however, doesn't twist the sword in Quintus' guts, but just leaves it, humiliatingly, in place !
Memnon gives the crowd a few moments to savour the sight of the pathetic lad shaking and groaning for mercy, as he stands bent over, with his trembling legs spread, and the sword poking obscenely out of his arse.
"Get it out ! - you fuckin' cunt ! Get it out my fuckin' arse-hole !", Quintus pleads pathetically.


The crowd are now calling for Quintus to have his loincloth ripped off, so that they can get a good look at the defeated boy's 'tackle'.

Qunitus impaled through
his anus with a sword
Memnon immediately obliges, and prepares to strip the groaning boy from the rear.
"Oh no ! Don't fuckin' strip me ! Don't let 'em see my prick !", Quintus pleads, but his pleas are ignored by both the crowd and Memnon.
Memnon, standing behind Quintus, grabs hold of the thin cord running between the boy's muscular buttocks, and pulls on it so that the pouch containing Quintus' genitals is slowly squeezed and then pulled down at the front.
"Shit ! You're crushin' my fuckin bollocks !", Quintis grunts, as first Quintus' thick 'bush' of black, curly pubic hair emerges.
"Please ! .... No ! - Don't rip off my loincloth ! Don't fuckin' strip me !"
"Cunt - I'm fuckin' hard - don't let 'em see my hard knob ! ".
Memnon ignores his opponent's pleas, while the crowd call for Quintus to be stripped naked.
"Strip the little cunt !" - "Let's see his prick an' balls !" - "Let's see if the wanker's got a hard-on !", are some of the ribald calls from the crowd.
Quintus stripped 'bollock-naked'
Moments later their calls are answered as the young gladiator is stripped naked.
"Oh shit !", Quintus groans as he looks down to see his heavy balls flop out obscenely, and his stiff cock bounce up and wave about rudely, finally freed from the constraints of the skimpy, little loincloth.
"You cunt ! I'm fuckin bollock-naked !" Quintus moans as he looks down at his wobbling, hairy 'boy-parts'.
The crowd had already guessed that the young lad was 'well-hung' because of the prominent bulge in his 'caché-sex', but are pleased to see that Quintus is even better 'endowed' than they had imagined, with a huge, dark cock, (with the fore-skin already pulled right back, exposing his pink, gleaming 'cock-head'), and large, bulging balls.
The crowd is even more pleased to see that, despite the sword up his arse, Quintus is already erect, as he was probably anticipating a fuck or a 'jerk-off' - or perhaps he's such a masochist that he gets 'turned-on' by being humiliated by having a sword up his arse, (which is probably closer to the truth).
"Right - let's get rid of this !", Memnon grunts, as he finally pulls so hard that the waist cord, supporting the pouch, rips.

Quintus stripped 'bollock-naked 
"You cunt ! - Shit - that's it ! - I'm fuck-bollock-naked !", Qunitus blurts out, looking down at his thick, curly 'bush', his obscenely bobbing and bouncing stiff prick, and his well filled ball-sack.
The skimpy little piece of cloth immediately comes away in Memnon's hand, and he throws it disdainfully onto the sand.
"Oh shit ! - You cunt !", Quntus growls at Memnon, looking to the crowd in hope of sympathy, or even a reprieve.
"Take a look at the 'horny' cunt !" Memnon shouts to the crowd, and then gives the them a few moments to savour the sight of the pathetic lad shaking and groaning for mercy, as he stands with his dark, pubic 'bush', bulging testicles and huge, semi-erect penis, with its shiny, pink 'cock-head' fully exposed !
"The young fucker's a satyr !" - "Look at the lad's prick - hung like a horse !" - The little wanker's really horny !", are some of the ribald comments coming from the crowd.


Memnon then grabs at Quintus' genitals, and the crowd expect him to 'jerk-off' the practically naked boy.
Instead Memnon goes for Quintus' bulky, dangling scrotum.

"Get off my fuckin' ball-bag, you fuckin' perv !", Quintus squeals.
Grabbing the boy's sweaty testicles in a vice-like grip, Memnon first gives the boy's scrotum a good stretch, as Quintus pleads with Memnon not to rip off his testicles.
"Please ! - Don't pull 'em off ! - Not my balls ! Not my fuckin' nuts !", Quintus groans, his face contorted with pain as the cords of his testicles are stretched.
While the crowd laugh at young Quintus' panicky reaction, Memnon then starts twisting the boy's bulky 'ball-sack', while at the same time viciously squeezing the young lads bulging 'nuts' !
"Cunt no ! - Oh shit ! - My balls ! My fuckin bollocks ! Stop ! Please ! - I'm fucked !", poor Quintus squeals and groans, while the crowd are in 'stitches' of laughter as they watch the poor helpless lad struggling to cope with the humiliating but horribly painful 'ball-torture' he is receiving from his implacable opponent !
"Pull his nuts down to his knees !" - "Stretch the wanker's bollocks !" - “Tie a knot in the cunt's sack !", the crowd shout, as they watched the poor lad get his 'ball-bag' well and truly stretched, twisted and squeezed.
Then the crowd now settles down to watch the boy get 'jerked-off', as they want to see just how much spunk is in those big, heavy balls !
Once Memnon has finished pulling and twisting young Quintus' balls the crowd, seeing that Quintus still has an erection, expect Memnon to 'jerk-off' the boy at least once, and they are eagerly anticipating seeing how much spunk this massively 'well-hung' young lad will squirt over the sand.
Instead Memnon calls for the arena slaves to give him the 'ball-crusher'.
The 'ball-crusher' or 'bollock-crusher' is the name given to an iron mace, consisting of a long shaft topped with a solid ball of iron, studded with a number of spikes.
This weapon is used almost exclusively to hit gladiators in the groin, usually after they have been thoroughly 'abused', in order to 'finish-off' any erection they may have by mangling their testicles. 
The crowd, although they enjoy watching fighters squeal and writhe as their balls are horribly pulverized, are disappointed to see Memnon using this weapon on Quintus at this point, as the boy has not yet been 'jerked-off', and will almost certainly lose his erection once he has been hit with the appalling weapon a couple of times.
Seeing the 'ball-crusher', Quintus immediately starts whimpering and pleading for mercy.
"No ! - Not that ! - Don't hit me there - not with that - please ! Not in the nuts !".
"Right, son ! - now we're gonna get rid of that big hard-on !", Memnon growls threateningly, as he grabs the helpless boy.
Two arena slaves immediately get hold of Quintus' thighs and pull them apart in order to fully expose the struggling boy's testicles.
Memnon then smacks the lad's crotch with the vicious, spiked ball !
Quintus' balls are instantly squashed between his muscular thighs and his pubic bone on the first hit !
At the same time Quintus ejaculates, 'cumming' over the sand with long, thick ropes of spunk.
"Shit ! My balls !" Quintus squeals as his testicles disappear into his hairy groin.
"No !" Don't touch 'em !" Quints squeals, as Memnon steps forward and forces the recalcitrant pair of testes back down into Quintu's scrotum.
On the second and third hit, both testicles again get rammed up into his lower belly, only to drop back, agonizingly into his wrinkled, empty scrotum, causing the boy the most appalling pain !
"Cunt ! My fucking bollocks ! No ! - Please - no more !", Quintus' squeals, and his cries echo deafeningly inside his helmet
The lad surprisingly stays quite 'hard' even after this agonizing treatment, and has undoubtedly for some reason become chronically 'priapic' - and the boy's dark, swollen, stiff cock still jerks, and dribbles a thick, sticky string of 'cum'.
Quintus' scrotum has been pierced by some of the spikes of the 'ball crusher' and is bloodied, and in addition the naked lad's 'ball-bag' almost immediately swells up to twice its normal size, and darkens with the multiple bruising.


As the 'ball-crusher' has not done its job, and the groaning young boy is still aroused, with an even stiffer and bigger erection, Memnon then decides to castrate Quintus.
To do this Memnon slams the 'bollock-naked' boy against the arena-wall, spreads the boy's legs.
Memnon then grabs hold of Quintus' huge, swollen scrotum with his left hand, while holding a gelding knife in his right hand.
Of course there is no problem for Memnon getting at the boy's scrotum because Quintus is so 'hard' that his cock is almost standing vertically, leaving his huge balls hanging invitingly below, unobstructed.
"No ! - Not my bollocks again ! Not my balls ! - Anything but my balls again !", Quintus screams.
"You’re still hard, you dirty little wanker, so it's time for you to be castrated !", Memnon barks at Quintus.
"No ! - Please ! - Let me die a boy - not a eunuch !".
"Cut the cunt's bollocks off !" - "Castrate the little wanker !" - "Make the fucker a eunuch !", the crowd scream, excited at the thought of seeing the naked boy emasculated.

Memnon follows the crowd, and ignores the boy's pathetic pleading, and deftly slices through the boy's ball-bag, slowly cutting the cords, and removing Quintus' mangled balls in one cut !
"Shit ! - My fuckin' bollocks ! You cunt - you cut 'em off ! - My balls ! - I'm fucked !"".
But then Memnon aims his knife at the hairy root of Quintis' huge jerking prick, and the boy realises that he is about to be completely castrated.
"Please no ! - Not my penis as well ! Not my fuckin prick ! - Don't cut my cock off !" Quintus squeals at Memnon, as his opponent grabs hold of his stiff cock.
"What you want your cock for - if you aint got no bollocks ?", Memnon asks, laconically.
"Let me die a man, please !", Memnon begs. "Not my cock ... as well !"
"Cut the little wanker's prick off " - "Off with the young cunt's cock !" - "Fiish the job - cut the lot off !", the crowd scream, - their appetite whetted by seeing the naked boy previously lose his his testicles.
Memnon persists with his plan to fully castrate Quintus, and begins to saw through the stiff, fleshy member.
"Fuck ! - My prick ! - Don't cut it off while it's still stiff !", Quintus screams, as he looks down and watches in horror as Memnon slowly separates his erect, jerking penis from his bloody, dark hairy crotch.
"Fuck no ! .... Mercy !", Quintus continues to scream.
Then the tone of Quintus cries changes.
"Oh shit ! I'm cumming - an' I got no bollocks !", Quintus groans as he convulses as from both the pain of the cut and a sudden, overwhelming orgasm.
He then looks down to see repeated spurts of thick creamy spunk squirting from the severed stump of his once huge organ.
Memnon lets the severed, bleeding penis drop to the sand, while Quintus, naked and sexless, squirts out his last ever 'load' of seed from his mutilated groin.
The thick ropes of spunk splatter on the sand between Quintus' feet,along with the blood that is pumping from the groaning lad's mutilated, hairy crotch.
The precious seed, - all that is left of Quintus' once potent manhood - instantly soaks away uselessly.
The crowd watches as the arena slave let go of Quintus, and they cheer, as in the end they got to see young Quintus cum, and squirt his spunk.
However, there will almost certainly be no fuck, as the boy's arse-hole has already been mutilated.
"Oh fuck ! I got no prick or bollocks - an' I'm still spunking !", poor Quintus pathetically screams.
After the shock of having been completely castrated, poor Quintus just leans helplessly against the arena-wall.
The naked boy is dribbling the last of his spunk, and bleeding copiously from his mutilated, hairy crotch, with his legs spread, frantically grabbing at the bloody, spunk squirting stump of his once magnificent penis.
"You cunt ! You've taken my fuckin' balls and cock and the last of my seed !" Quintus groans.
As Memnon pulls off Quintus' helmet so that the crowd can watch the poor boy's face contorting with pain, Quintus realises that now he stands little chance of leaving the arena alive, and starts begging the crowd to spare him.
Please don't let him kill me ! - Spare me – I'm only young !”, Quintus blurts out to the crowd.


Memnon then takes his knife, and Quintus, now in a state of shock, just stands there as Memnon makes a shallow cut from Quintus' sternum, down the helpless boy's heaving belly, to just below his navel.
"You cunt !", the naked, sexless boy grunts as the cut is made, and almost immediately some of his intestines emerge from the bleeding incision.
"Please no ! Not my fuckin' guts - don't pull 'em out !", Quintus uselessly begs as he fully realises what is happening to him.
Memnon then inserts his hand into the wound and, as the crowd's cheers rise to a crescendo, he starts pulling out the screaming boy's guts !
"Oh fuck ! My fuckin guts !", terrified Quintus squeals as, understandably, he loses control of his 'natural functions', and while piss sprays from the bloody stump that had once been his penis, his anus dilates, and the sword that is skewering his arse drops out onto the sand.
Once the sword has dropped away, shit starts dribbling from between his legs onto the sand, making his humiliation almost complete !
"Oh fuck ! I'm pissin' and shittin' !", Quintus blurts out, as he looks down at the stinking mess he's making on the sand.
Once Memnon has pulled out some bloody coils of Quintus' guts, he stands to one side of the groaning boy, so that the crowd can get a good look at the disembowelled young gladiator.
Quintus leans against the arena wall, looking round the arena.
"Help me - someone ! Fuckin' help me !", young Quintus frantically begs as, in a hysterical panic he then starts grabbing at the bloody coils of his intestines, pathetically trying to stuff them back into his belly.

"I got to get 'em back in my fuckin' belly !", Quintus mumbles to himself.
The coils, however, are slimy with mucus and blood, and slip through the boy's trembling fingers.
At this point the poor boy's legs 'give way', and he slowly slides down the arena-wall.
"Oh shit ! My fuckin' guts !", he repeatedly sobs all the way down, and ends up sitting on his backside, pathetically trying to hold onto his guts, as he continues to empty his bladder onto the sand between his outstretched legs.
With his guts hanging out of his belly, and his severed prick and balls on the sand between his legs, lying against a heap of his own shit, poor Quintus now knows that he cannot possibly leave the arena alive.
"Shit ! I'm fuckin' fucked ! - I'm fuckin' prickless, bollockless and gutted - so just fuckin' finish me !", Quintus groans, in the hope that Memnon will 'finish' him quickly to put an end to his agony, and the awful horror of his very public and obscene humiliation !


Memnon is not finished with Quintus, however, and drags the moaning, mutilated boy to his feet.
"No more, Memnon ! - just leave me, or finish me !" Quintus groans, but Memnon has other ideas.
Memnon then turns the boy round, and forces him to bend over, showing the lad's lacerated, hairy arse-hole to the crowd.
Despite the fact that his arse-hole is bleeding and filthy with shit, Quintus thinks that Memnon is going to fuck him.
"No ! ... Don't fuck me ! - Not that !", Quintus pleads, but instead Memnon the takes his sword and rams it up Quintus' arse-hole for a second time ! 

"Fuckin' shit  !", naked, sexless Quintus screams, as the sword is pushed into what's left of his already mangled guts. 
This time Memnon wants to 'finish-off' Quintus, and he rams it in very deeply and twists it a couple of times.
"Fuck no ! My arse-hole again ! - My fucking guts ! Fuck ! Fuck ! Fuck !", Quintus squeals the sword is twisted in his mangled rectum.
In agony, Quintus instinctively reaches back with both hands in a desperate but useless attempt to grab at the sword. 
"Get is out ! For fuck sake !", Quintus groans.

As he groans he reaches back, but to do this, however, he has to let go of his guts which are hanging out of he gaping slit in his heaving belly.
The result is further groaning from the skewered boy.
"Oh cunt ! My fuckin' guts !", Quintus moans, as his guts hang unsupported from his belly.
Once the sword is deeply embedded, Memnon pulls Quintus up, and turns the groaning boy round.
Surprisingly, rather than just leave the boy bent over and struggling, Memnon then carefully helps the dying boy to lie down on the sand.
As he goes down, Quintus instinctively raises his hips, lifting his sweaty, blood spattered buttocks off the sand.


It is now just a question of waiting for the naked, mutilated boy to die, and Memnon stands over the boy, watching, as humiliated, naked and emasculated, Quintus jerks helplessly, resting on his heels and his shoulders on the sand.

Quintus looks up at Memnon.
"You’re a fuckin' cunt, Memnon !", he manages to grunt, presumably because Memnon has tortured and mutilated him so horribly, and then changes his tune.
"Please, Memnon - just cut my throat and put me out of my misery !".
With his chest heaving, and the sword jerking obscenely as his hairy, bloody anus, as his mangled guts repeatedly convulse, young Quintus slowly dies from loss of blood.
After a few minutes Quintus grunts "fuckin' cunt", presumably to Memnon, as his head lolls to one side and he becomes unconscious.
This is good enough for Memnon and he turns to the crowd and raises his arms in a sign of victory.
The crowd, however, are unimpressed, and the applause are weak, as they are dissatisfied that Memnon, in all his three fights, has never got his 'tackle' out and fucked any of his defeated opponents !
The crowd, after all, have paid their money, and expect to see Memnon get his prick out, and prove his manhood by putting on a good 'performance'.
Also, surprisingly, although the Roman crowd is not known for being soft-hearted, there is some sympathy for the naked, mutilated boy lying dead in a mess of shit, piss and blood and guts, on the arena sand.
The arena slaves then come to check that young Quintus is dead.
They prod him with red hot tongs, and when he does not respond they presume him to be dead.
Quintus' bloody, naked corpse is then hoisted up and left to hang from the arena wall, with its guts hanging out, with its penis poking from its mouth, and with its testicles hung round its neck, while the other fights continue in the arena !

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