NAKED ROMAN BOXERS - Perseus and Nerva

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Naked, well-hung and well-muscled boxers were a popular feature of a day at the Games and the first fights
of the day, in Grachus' Private Arena, were the boxing matches.

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Ancient Greek Naked Boxers
Cretan Naked Boy Boxers
The Romans had taken over the sport of Boxing from the Greeks, and like the Greeks, the Roman boxers fought completely naked.
Because of the Romans' problems with nudity, and the fact that most of the boxers were very well-muscled and very 'well-hung', they were considered, by most Romans, to be the 'lowest of the low' in the 'pecking order' of the arena. This was very much because the Romans had inherited from the Greeks the peculiarly Greek view of male physical beauty, in which large muscles and large genitals were considered to be a sign of primitive barbarity and licentiousness.

Perseus poses naked
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The two boxers in question, for his fight, were Perseus and Nerva.
Perseus was slightly older than Nerva, and was a huge specimen: very tall, and with massively bulging muscles.
He had very blond hair, blue eyes and rugged features.
His whole, massive body was completely shaved and oiled, except for his curly, blond pubic 'bush', and his arm-pits.
The younger boxer, Nerva, was decidedly more handsome that his taller opponent, and had black, curly hair. Like Perseus, Nerva had been completely shaved and oiled, except for under his arms, and his neatly trimmed, oiled, combed and 'fluffed' dark pubic 'bush'.

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As in most boxing contests the fighters were supervised by a referee, who was an older slave who was a trainer, and who had probably been a boxer at one time, but had been successfully retired from fighting – a rare achievement in Grachus' arena.
The referee wore a Greek style, ankle-length robe, which covered one shoulder, and carried a cane, which he used to beat any boxer who infringed the rules.
Unlike the Pankration, and the gladiatorial contests, where there were effectively no rules, in boxing the rules, which had been inherited from the Greeks, were quite complicated.
The boxers were not allowed to use any other part of the body to fight with except their fists, forearms and elbows.
Blows could only be aimed at the upper part of the body, and blows were not permitted below he waist.
A boxer who was unable to stand could not be hit, so there was no fighting on the ground.
These rules meant that for many in the crowd the boxing was not a very interesting sport.
There was some bloodshed, of course, as the boxers did not wear gloves but rather, cestae, which were leather straps, which in some cases had lead studs embedded in them, and could inflict horrific injuries.
In Grachus' arena he employed the simple leather cestae, plus cestae with lead studs, and occasionally cestae with steel spikes.
When the spikes were used, the fights were usually short, with the defeated boxer losing his eyes, getting his arms and chest ripped, and in many cases being defeated by having his belly sliced open, and ending up screaming and squirming on the sand, disemboweled, with his steaming guts hanging out of his hideously ripped belly.


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Coming into the arena everyone's attention was immediately drawn to the body hanging from the arena wall.
It was the corpse of a huge, blond boy, totally naked.
The boy's blood-stained body was completely shaved, apart from his shock of golden hair and, lower, his thick 'bush' of curly pubic hair.
The body, now pale with lack of blood, gleamed with sweat, and the ridged bulging belly, and muscular thighs, were spattered and stained with dried semen.
Between the boy's legs was a thick, wooden baton that had obviously been rammed up into the lad's anus, and deep into his guts.
Where one would have expected to see the young lad's genitals there was just a bloody stump - all that was left of his 'privates'.
The boy's head hung down, and between the parted, swollen lips poked the shiny, purple bulge of his 'cock-head', from which hung a thin string a semen.
The boy's cheeks bulged, and it was obvious that his well-filled scrotum, as well as his penis, and  had been rammed into his mouth.

And if you want to know how the boy called Perseus ended up with his balls and his cock cut off, a baton rammed up his arse, and his body spattered with spunk - then read on -


The two big boxers entered the arena to the cheers of the crowd.
In the fight between Perseus and Nerva, however, the ordinary leather cestae were to be used, as Grachus wanted the winning boxer to survive without being too badly marked.
While the more sophisticated individuals in the audience feigned disinterest in the heavily muscled, and obscenely 'well-hung' naked fighters, the plebeians, (lower orders), looked forward to seeing these big 'horny studs' slugging it out in the arena
Perseus and Nerva 'square-up'
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Perseus and Nerva started to 'square-up' to each other while the bearded ref reminded them briefly of the rules.
The two boxers then started fighting while young Lysus, the defeated & castrated boxer form the previous bout, still struggled fitfully as he hung from the arena-wall, and Pugnax, the victor of the previous fight, looked on, (their story will be featured later).
As the naked boxers sparred, their big pricks and heavy balls jerked and swung about obscenely, and the stimulation and excitement of fighting 'bollock-naked' soon got both fighters 'aroused' so that after a few minutes their huge stiff cocks were waving about.

Perseu lands a  punch to Nerva's head
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After 'trading' a few light punches, Perseus eventually landed a really hard punch to Nerva's head.

Repeated blows to Nerva's head
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“Shit !”, Nerva grunted loudly, as his head jerked back.
Then the handsome, dark-haired lad slowly crumpled to his knees - not 'knocked-out', but very dazed.
Like Pugnax before him, Perseus then deliberately broke the rules by grabbing Nerva's arm, in order to hold him.
“Shit ! Le'go !” , Nerva screamed, as Perseus then slammed his completely helpless opponent with repeated blows to his head.
The referee immediately gave Perseus a stern warning, and it was obvious, from the expression on the ref's face, that he was sick and tired of  young boxers breaking the rules, and turning his boxing matches into Pankration wrestling sessions.
At first it seemed that Perseus was following the referee's instructions, as he released Nerva's arm, and stopped punching him.

Nerva is punched in the balls
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The big blond boxer, however, had no intention of following the rules, and he then pushed Perseus on to his back, spun him round on the sand, and then pulled him up by one ankle.
Perseus, of course, was incredibly strong, and he had no trouble in pulling Nerva right up, so that only the boy's shoulders are on the sand.
Nerva was then hanging upside down, with his legs spread wide, and guessed almost immediately what Perseus was going to do next.
“Shit no ! Don't fuckin' do it !”, Nerva screamed, but Perseus ignored his helpless opponent, and landed a devastating blow to Nerva's hairy groin, horribly squashing the young lad's smooth bulky balls.
“Cunt !“, Nerva squealed, as he writhed up obscenely. “My fuckin' bollocks - they're fucked !”, Nerva groaned as Perseus landed a second blow to the squirming boy's balls.
As the second crushing blow landed, young Nerva partly lost control of his bladder, and a thin stream of piss jetted from his rapidly shrinking penis and splashed down onto his muscular, ridged belly, and then flowed down to the huge slab of flesh that formed one his pectoral muscles.
Immediately the referee landed his cane on Perseus' shoulder, and called in an armed arena-slave to stop the fight.

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Perseus, realized that the ref intended to  impose the rules strictly, and so he released Nerva, who dropped back on to the sand, his stiff prick having shrunk immediately to a tiny, wrinkled sausage, as he clutched at his crushed balls with his gloved hands, squirming in naked and rather wet agony, while the crowd cheered ecstatically.
While Nerva managed to get to his knees, and squat on the sand, groaning and nursing his aching balls with his gloved hands, the referee gave Perseus a good 'dressing down', telling him that he was now going to give Nerva a 'free hand', and that if Perseus tried to resist he would be immediately 'finished-off' by being speared by an arena-slave.
With a spear pointed menacingly at his groin, Perseus realised that it was useless to argue, an meekly allowed himself to be pushed down onto his knees on the sand.
At this point the crowd were getting really excited, as they now would have the opportunity to see one boxer having a 'free hand' to 'beat-up' his opponent, who would not be allowed to retaliate.
By the time Perseus had been forced down onto his knees, Nerva had managed to get to his feet, and out of earshot of Perseus, the referee told Nerva to give Perseus a brief beating, after which, if he could still get 'hard', he would be allowed to bugger his disgraced opponent, if he wanted to, and as a warning to the other boxer he would allow Perseus to be castrated and killed.
Nerva was more than satisfied.

Perseus is beaten
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Perseus is beaten
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Although he preferred fucking young boys, he was quite happy to make a spectacle of himself if he meant that he could 'get his own back' by publicly humiliate his big, blond opponent.
Nerva, who by then was getting really 'horny' as he anticipated ramming his prick up Perseus' tight 'hole', then grabbed poor Perseus by the hair, and proceeded to beat his defenceless opponent round the head, while the referee slapped Perseus' stiff prick and balls with his cane, telling the naked boxer to get rid of his 'hard-on'.
Perseus, however, obviously had a masochistic streak, because, despite getting his head and his shaved balls beaten, he appeared to get even more 'horny' - with his huge, stiff cock swelling and straining upward !
Eventually the referee told young Nerva to stop, and called over an arena-slave to strip Perseus of his  cestae and arm-guards.
Seeing Perseus stripped of even the little that he was wearing, so that he was truly stark naked, told the crowd that this particular boxer was 'finished', (any fighter who was stripped completely naked would eventually be killed in the arena) and the crowd watched even more intently as Perseus was ordered by the ref to 'jerk-off' in order to get relieved of his 'hard-on'.
As Perseus had been excruciatingly 'hard' for the whole of the fight, he was secretly relieved to be able to have an opportunity to 'spunk-up' and get rid of his erection, but of course to maintain his dignity and masculinity he loudly protested to the ref.
"Fuck no ref !", Perseus shouted indignantly, "I'm not beatin' my fuckin' meat for these cunts !".
The presence of an arena-slave armed with a spear, however, meant that his feigned objections  were ignored, and so the big blond boxer started 'working' on his huge, bulging cock, while using his free hand to 'play' with his heavy, shaved balls.
The crowd obviously enjoyed every minute of the spectacle, cheering the huge naked fighter on as he furiously 'beat his meat', despite anything that he had said earlier.
Meanwhile, Nerva, who despite his previous injury, was now 'hard' again, looked on, and also 'played' with his cock, although he was not wanking, but rather getting his prick nice and 'stiff' so that he could give Perseus a good 'shafting' once the big blond boxer had squirted his seed over the sand.
"Oh - shit - I'm - fuckin' - cummin' !", Perseus eventually groaned, and leaned back as he let repeated spurts of thick, creamy spunk explode from his gaping cock-slit and splatter onto the sand.
Once Perseus has stopped groaning, and squirting out his thick ropes of creamy spunk, the arena-slaves grabbed hold of him and dragged him over to where two stakes have been hammered into the sand.
"Fuck no ! Watcha ya fuckin' doin' - cunts ?", Perseus protested, as the arena-slaves then tied Perseus wrists and ankles to ropes hanging from the stakes, and bent him over.
By then Perseus was really scared, and started begging the slaves for mercy.
"Please no, lads ! Let me go ! Don't torture me or nothin' !".
The referee then told the slaves to impale Perseus' anus with a baton.
"No you cunts ! Not up my fuckin' shit-hole !", naked Perseus screamed at the arena slaves and at the ref, as he squirmed helplessly between the two stakes.
The arena slaves then purposely let the helpless, naked boxer struggle and squirm obscenely, with his limp cock flopping about, for a minute or so, so that the crowd could have a good laugh.
Then, an arena slave tried to center the bulbous end of the stake on Perseus' tightly clenched anus.
It was difficult, as Perseus was jerking about so much, but eventually Perseus let out a high-pitched grunt, and the slave, realized he has 'hit the spot', and started forcing the tip of the baton against naked boxer's anal 'ring' - which Perseus was desperately trying to clamp shut.
"No, please ! Don't push it into me !",Perseus begged pathetically, as he managed to hold his 'ring' tight for about a few seconds.
For Perseus those seconds were like eternity, and the slaves became impatient, with one slave holding the big, naked boxer's shoulders, while the other slave struggled to penetrate Perseus' anus.
Eventually, of course, Perseus had to give up.
"Shit ! It's goin' right up me ! I'm fuckin' skewered !", Perseus groaned, as the bulky head of baton slowly disappeared into his pink, tightly puckered arse-hole.
The crowd, happy to see the big, cheating boxer penetrated and thus thoroughly humiliated, cheered.
At the same time Perseus groaned and squirmed obscenely, and his prick started to stiffen and swell once again.
The referee then told the slave who had impaled Perseus to bugger Perseus with the baton, and soon Perseus was jerking back and forth, as the slave pulled the baton in and out of Perseus' straining arse-hole.
"Oh shit ! No ! - Don't fuck my hole", Perseus moaned, as he was roughly dildo-fucked by the young arena-slave.
Once the fucking got under way, Perseus' cock became extremely 'hard', and very swollen, with all the veins standing out, and his foreskin pulled right back, uncovering his glistening, dark pink 'helmet'.
With each thrust the young slave made, Perseus' prick, dangling a long thick string of sticky pre-cum, which was probably the biggest erect penis that most of the people in the arena had ever seen, slapped up against his tanned, glistening belly.
The slapping of his exposed 'helmet' against his belly, and the stimulation of his prostate, as the thrusting baton was driven deep inside him was simply too much for Perseus, and he soon felt his spunk uncontrollably rising down in his groin.
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"Fuckin' shit - I think ... NO ! .... I think I'm gonna cum !", Perseus groaned. This, of course encouraged the arena slave to thrust faster and more deeply into the struggling boxer's tight arse-hole.
Then Perseus felt the orgasm sweeping over him.
"Oh fuck ! Yes ! Yes !", Perseus groaned loudly, to no one in particular, and his tanned sweating body started to shudder violently as it was held tightly between the two posts.
"FUCK !", he then blurted out as a huge rope of thick, creamy spunk lazily squirted from his incredibly stiff prick, and splattered down onto the sand about a meter away.
This was immediately followed by six more squirts, each squirt being ejected with a groan of 'Fuck !', and each with slightly less force.
While Perseus was still groaning 'Fuck !' and 'spunking-up' the arena-slave pulled the dildo out of Perseus' anus, causing Perseus to grunt loudly, and Nerva then immediately took over, ramming the full length of his huge thick prick up Perseus' now gaping arse-hole, forcing Perseus to give a second grunt
"You CUNT ! I'm still fuckin' cummin' !", Perseus grunted, wide eyed and shocked that his twitching, hairy anus was once again filled.
Nerva then gave Perseus' a good 'shafting'.
Once again Perseus was jerking back and forth as young Nerva deeply 'ploughed' his naked opponent's most 'private part'.
"Come on, Perseus ! Let's see you cum again !", Nerva panted, as he pleased the crowd with his energetic thrusting.
Perseus, however, despite the fact that he was a really 'horny' stud, couldn't 'cum' again so quickly.
Nerva, on the other hand, had been horny since the beginning of the fight, and once he got his prick up Perseus' hot arse he found it almost impossible to stop himself 'cumming' really quickly.
"Shit ! I'm cummin' !", Nerva groaned loudly, as he pulled his jerking prick out of Perseus' anus, and started to squirt a huge 'load' of creamy spunk all over Perseus' huge, muscular, sweaty buttocks.
One rope after another of hot spunk slopped over Perseus' arse, trickling slowly down his thighs and down his arse-crack.
Perseus certainly knew that he had been 'spunked over', and by then he was horribly 'aroused' again, with his huge cock so 'pumped-up' that it looks as if it was going to burst.
"Well, Perseus. - Say 'thank you'. After all, I have 'serviced' you well !", Nerva said mockingly, slapping Perseus on his bent back.
"Fuck off, cunt !", Perseus grunted, obviously disgusted at what had just happened.
"Just fuckin' untie me - you cunt !", Perseus said angrily, as he struggled against he ropes that were holding him in his undignified position, with his head down and his backside held high.
By then the crowd were laughing and jeering, however, as they could easily see that, despite his protests, Perseus was appallingly 'aroused', and was actually desperate for relief from his unbearably strong erection.
"Look Nerva, if your not gonna untie me - well you can see my fuckin' problem - at least give me some relief !"
"No way, son !", Nerva snapped back, "If you need to 'get your rocks off', then you'll have to do it yourself !".
Nerva then instructed the arena-slaves to untie Perseus right arm - that way Perseus could wank, if he really wanted to, while his ankles and his left wrist were still tied to the two posts, ensuring that he remained completely helpless.
Perseus immediately grabbed his massively swollen cock, and started pulling his foreskin back and forth over his huge, bulging 'helmet', while the crowd laughed and cheered, making ribald comments and shouting encouragements for him to 'get his rocks off'.
Long strings of sticky 'pre-cum' swung crazily from his jerking cock as Perseus worked himself up into a frenzy.
Having already 'cum' twice, it took Perseus quite a long time to 'bring himself off', which was all the better, as the crowd were quite happy to watch and laugh and joke while the big, naked boxer 'played' obscenely with his hugely overgrown 'knob', - pumping it, stroking it and pulling at it as he desperately tried to relieve himself.
Meanwhile the ref, the arena slaves and Nerva and some of the other boxers watched with interest, and some amusement, as blond Perseus frantically 'beat his meat' with his one free hand.
Finally the heavily muscled, stark naked boxer's body arched and writhed upwards.
"Right, - let's see how much spunk the big guy squirts out this time." the referee said laconically, turning to young Nerva.
By this time Perseus eye's were bulging and glazing over, and his huge, heavy balls were pulling up to his blond hairy crotch.
"Oh FUCK ! -This is - is fuckin' IT !", Perseus groaned.
Seeing the big naked boxer writhe up in an orgasmic spasm, the crowd started to cheer.
There was a brief delay between Perseus' orgasm starting and his ejaculation, and he looked round to Nerva, as if he were not sure what was happening.
Then the first long string of spunk shot from Perseus' cock, barely missing one of the arena-slaves.
Perseus then proceeded to pump spurt after spurt of thick, creamy spunk over the sand, not realizing yet that this was the last ever spunk-up he would squirt from his cock, (there would be another one, but it would be a bit strange).
As soon as Perseus has finished 'cumming', an arena-slave re-tied his free arm.  At the same time another slave went round behind him with the baton.
"No ! Please ! Don't shove that - ", the next two words came out at a much higher pitch, - "up me !", because the baton had been rammed back up his arse-hole.
Because Perseus had just 'cum', his cock was beginning to go soft and limp, but as soon as the baton was rammed up into his rectum, he started to get 'hard' again, and he was left tied between the two posts, standing upright, with his huge, stiff prick poking up at about forty-five degrees, and dribbling a long string of 'cum'.
Perseus is clubbed in the balls
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The referee then told one of the arena-slaves to hand Nerva a big, heavy wooden club.
He then turned to young Nerva.
"Right, Nerva ! - He punched you a couple of times in the groin, so now it's your turn !
You can use the club on his groin a many times as you like - it doesn't matter how much you injure him, as you're going to 'finish' him off at the end anyway."
Nerva smiled and took the club.
"No ! Please ! You can't do this !", Perseus screamed, as Nerva prepared to club him in the balls.
"Not my balls ! Anything but my bollocks !... Please..NO !", Perseus continued to babble.
Nerva, remembering the vicious attack by Perseus on his balls, ignored his helpless opponent's pleas, and brought the club up right between Perseus' legs as the crowd roared.
"CUNT !", Perseus squealed horribly, his cry rising above the crowd's roar, as his balls were crushed.
The poor naked boxer instantly brought his knees together as he writhed in agony, unable to escape as he was firmly tied to the stakes.
Immediately an arena-slave kicked Perseus' knees apart and, at the same time, encouraged Nerva to continue the beating.
"Cunt ! You fucked up my fuckin' bollocks ! ..... You made me a fuckin' eunuch ", Perseus screamed as Nerva weighed in with another vicious blow.
After that Perseus just shrieked, unable to scream anything coherently, as Nerva continued to beat his crotch until, unable to take any more punishment, the poor naked boxer sunk to his knees.
As Perseus went down, the baton up his arse hit the sand and got rammed further up, into his guts, while his huge erection collapsed, leaving his prick looking like a large, swollen, wrinkled sausage, as it flopped about on his hugely swollen, and now darkening ball-bag.
The arena-slaves then untied Perseus, and dragged the groaning boxer to the centre of the arena, laying him out on the sand, on his back, with his legs spread and the dildo poking obscenely from his exposed arse-hole.
One of the arena-slaves then started to play with the baton, wiggling and twisting it, and then  pumping it in and out a few times.
The crowd were pleased to see that this had the intended effect, and the big, groaning boxer started to get 'hard' again, despite the beating that his balls had just taken.
Of course poor Perseus didn't get as 'hard' as he had been earlier, but his cock swelled and lengthened almost to it's previous eleven or twelve inches, but was unable to rise up out of the thick golden curls of his magnificent 'bush', and simply lay on his sweaty, heaving belly.
This was what was known as 'terminal priapism'.
As a result of being violently hit in the groin and perineum the blood vessels feeding Perseus' huge penis had become swollen and caused him to become permanently erect. 
Nerva was then handed a spear, while the arena-slaves held Perseus wrists and ankles.
"Right ! The crowd are getting tired of this now so we'd better finish him off ! So first emasculate him, - you know, balls and then cock, - but do it slowly, - the crowd like that !".
Perseus, of course, heard this, and reacted instantly.
"No please ! Not my fuckin 'privates' !", he groaned, looking up pathetically at the referee and young Nerva. "Don't castrate me !".
"What's it fuckin' matter !", Nerva retorted. "There's only some mangled pulp in your fat, swollen 'ball-bag' now. Your already a eunuch - it just a matter of finishing the job - and then 'finishing' you !
Perseus looked down towards his battered groin, with it's golden pubes glistening in the morning sun, and his huge cock lying lazily on his well-muscled, twitching belly.
He then looked up at the referee and Nerva.
He looked like he was going to start crying - but then he started babbling incoherently.
"No ! No ! Please ! Please Nerva ! No ! Not my fuckin' 'bits' ! Not me with no fuckin' bollocks ! They're all I got - that an' my cock !".
While this was going on the crowd were calling for Perseus to get his 'fuckin' nuts' chopped off.
Then, when Perseus finally realised that Nerva, the crowd, the referee, and everyone else in the arena were intent on his being emasculated and 'finished-off', Perseus completely lost his nerve and struggled to get up, but the muscles in his legs and his belly were useless, and any way he as firmly held by the arena-slaves, so he simply wriggled obscenely on the sand, desperately trying to avoid being speared by his unrelenting opponent.
And as hie struggled his erection grew, and in moments his stiff, heavily veined cock was standing proud of his belly.
Avoiding his opponent's stiffening prick, Nerva then speared Perseus low down in the belly, piercing his bladder.
Immediately bloody piss sprayed from his defiantly stiff, waving cock.
"Oh shit ! No !", Perseus squeaked, as he looked with protruding, staring eyes at the fountain of red piss squirting from his huge, shiny dark 'helmet'.
Then Perseus, apparently in a final bid to save himself, reached up and grabbed Nerva by the balls.
The young lad kept his nerve, however, and instead of trying to pull free, and possibly injuring himself, he waited to see what Perseus would do, relying on the fact that his badly injured opponent had very little strength, or will-power left, at that point.
Predictably, instead of trying to rip off Nerva's bollocks, Perseus just held on to them - almost fondled them -  as the spear came down again, piercing his bulging, shaved scrotum.
The baton, which was poking out of Perseus' arse-hole jerked up as his 'ring' tightened, and his hips lifted up off the sand.
"Shit ! My fuckin ball-bag !", Perseus moaned.
Nerva found it quite difficult to castrated Perseus with a spear.
Having pierced the naked boxer's 'ball-bag', he then prodded around, feeling for the cords and muscles which attached Perseus' testicles to his groin.
This was also quite difficult as the beating that Nerva had given to Perseus' groin a little earlier had practically pulverised the poor fighter's testicles, although his spermatic cords, and blood vessels were still intact, as far as Nerva could tell.
These Nerva deftly sliced, eliciting a grunted "Cunt!" from Perseus.
Perseus' mangled testicles, at that point were loose in his scrotum, and he was effectively castrated, and therefore a eunuch.
The crowd, however, could not see that, unlike Nerva, the referee and the arena-slaves, who could see that the vestiges of Perseus' heavy but mangled balls were now loose inside his scrotum, and their weight was dragging down his drooping 'ball-bag'.
That, however, was not enough for the crowd.
They wanted to see Perseus' balls, or his 'ball-bag' still containing his balls, on the sand, and his hairy crotch 'clipped' !
Nerva was quite happy to oblige in response to cries of 'Cut the cunt's bollocks off !', 'Castrate the fuckin' tosser !', 'Chop the fucker's nuts off !', and the like.
Perseus could obviously hear all those comments, and in addition, didn't seem to realise that he had actually been already, technically, castrated.
In actual fact, he probably had very little sensation of pain in his testicles and scrotum after the beating he had received earlier from Nerva, which is why he had shown very little reaction, much to the crowd's disappointment, when his cords had been cut.
"No ! Not my fuckin 'nuts' ! Please !", Perseus, who was still holding Nerva's balls, begged plaintively.
"Stop bein' fuckin' stupid !", Nerva retorted. "You're already a fuckin' eunuch, - I cut your cords - so choppin' 'em off makes no fuckin' difference !"
Perseus stared wide-eyed at Perseus. "Fuck ! I'm a fuckin' eunuch !", he moaned, looking down to where his balls were scraping the sand in his horribly distended scrotum, lying between his outstretched legs, and to one side of the baton still poking out of his horribly stretched anus.
Nerva couldn't be bothered with any more chat, however, and the crowd were getting restless, so he brought the spear blade down beside Perseus' left thigh, (as he lay on his back on the sand), and twisting it round sharply, he brought it across, cutting right through the root of Perseus' pink, shaved scrotum.
Perseus' hips bucked, more because his upper thighs had been nicked in the process, rather than from the pain of loosing his manhood.
"Oh shit ! You've cut em' off !", Perseus moaned, rather pointlessly, to no one in particular.
"Yeh ! Satisfied ?", Nerva asked, half in jest and half petulantly, bending over his prostrate and castrated opponent -  "Now you really are a fuckin' eunuch !".
Nerva then grabbed hold of Perseus right arm, the hand of which still had hold of his balls.
"And perhaps you'd like to let go of my bollocks. You haven't go the strength any more to pull 'em off, and now you can't start to get sexy with me, 'cause you got no balls !".
And Nerva was right.
Perseus was losing blood quite fast, from the wound in his belly and the new wound in his groin.
He was also right about the fact that Perseus had no balls, but the naked fighter, amazingly, still had a big stiff prick.
This however was probably not from his libido, but because the blood vessels had been blocked by swelling caused by the bruising to his groin.
Perseus, reluctantly let go of his young opponent's balls, and immediately an arena-slave grabbed hold of the arm, to ensure that Perseus didn't try to resist any further mutilations, or the final stroke that would kill him.
Perseus, of course, would have to be killed because he was slowly bleeding to death.
Contrary to what you may read in other accounts, (more often fantasies, rather than real accounts), while the Romans were able to 'patch up' wounded fighters, usually by cauterising the damaged or cut blood vessels, this was in most cases unsuccessful, as dirty weapons, loincloths, armour and sand contaminated with blood faeces, semen, and internal organs and secretions, usually infected the wounds, and most fighters who were treated thus usually died of shock or septicaemia.
Usually it was easier, and cheaper, to take the easiest, and with the crowd, the most popular way out, and have the wounded fighter spectacularly killed at the end of the fight - after all the kind of slaves who fought in the arena were 'two a penny'.
Regardless, Perseus had had a good run for his money.
He had almost beaten Nerva, got to 'spunk-up' three times, got himself buggered, (which he probably really enjoyed), and got himself castrated without even realising what had happened to him, (he wasn't very bright anyway).
"Right ! Cut off his penis - let him squirm for a while for the crowd  - and then 'finish' him !", the referee told Nerva dryly.
Nerva was then given a curved knife by one of the arena-slaves.
At the thought of completely castrating Perseus Nerva started to get 'hard' again as he approached his struggling opponent.
Perseus, however, was held down by the arena-slaves, and anyway he now had very little energy left to resist.
"Oh no ! Not my prick as well !", Perseus moaned, looking at his huge 'tool', which was lying on his bloodstained, heaving belly.
"You won't need no cock if you got no balls !", Nerva quipped nonchalantly, trying to make it all seem normal.
"Shit ! No !", Perseus pleaded, squirming, as Nerva went down on one knee and grabbed hold of the huge, still stiff 'tool'.
With cries from the crowd of 'chop off the 'donkey-dick'!', Nerva first gave Perseus' huge bit of 'meat' a few tugs, just to pump it up a bit harder.
Perseus instantly went wide-eyed.
"Yeh ! Toss me off ! Please !", he groaned to Nerva.
Perseus was obviously going a bit hysterical, but men in the arena often got obscenely horny just before they were mutilated or killed, even after, (like Perseus), they had lost their balls.
"No fuckin' way !", Nerva retorted, and he started to slice through the huge, veined column of Perseus' prick.
Immediately Perseus buttocks lifted off the sand, and the baton poking out of his anus started jerking up and down.
When Nerva was halfway through Perseus' cock, the shrieking fighter's hips were pushed right up, and he was balancing on his shoulder-blades and his hips.
"CUNT ! Cut it quick - if you're gonna !", Perseus squealed, as Nerva finally pulled the wobbling penis from the trembling fighter's golden, hairy groin.
As Nerva started to get to his feet, holding his prized trophy, there was a huge squirt of spunk from the bloody stump where Perseus' penis had been,which travelled in an arc and landed on the end rapidly jerking baton poking out of Perseus arse-hole.
"Oh shit ! - I got no fuckin' cock !", Perseus groaned, as the crowd cheered and laughed as the naked, completely castrated boxer 'danced' on his shoulders and heels, pumping out repeated ropes of spunk in his final - and last ever - orgasm.
Nerva, who was still holding Perseus' severed penis, and the Referee looked on amazed.
"Finish him now - while he still having his orgasm - the crowd will like it !", the referee said quickly, handing Nerva back his spear.
Nerva straight away threw Perseus' useless penis down onto the sand and, grabbing the spear, went over to where Perseus was jerking his hips, and jerking the baton in his hairy arse-hole.
"Cunt ! Cunt ! Cunt !", Perseus was grunting, as he squirted out the last of his useless 'seed' from the urethral opening in the stubby bloody stump poking from the blond,curly hairs of his groin.
Before Perseus even knew what was happening, Nerva speared him in the neck, instantly severing the naked eunuch's wind-pipe.
The last thing that Perseus had ever said was 'Oh shit !' as he was speared..
After that, all he could do was gurgle, as blood frothed out of his mouth and nose.
Despite that he remained on his shoulders and heels, still dribbling out the last of his spunk, as he slowly started to drown in his own blood.
The arena slaves had release him, and one trembling hand dug deep into the thick, golden curls of his pubic 'bush', possibly searching for his severed 'boy-parts', while the other had jerked up spasmodically, as it tried to stem the flow of blood from his slashed neck.
For a few minutes Perseus squirmed in his final agony, staring pleadingly and wide-eyed, unable to believe what was happening to him, while the crowd cheered and applauded.
Nerva, the referee and the arena-slaves all looked on, waiting for the struggling naked boy to finally breathe his last.

© Copyright Vittorio Carvelli 2014
Perseus was doomed to slowly asphyxiated, and gurgling horribly, Perseus finally dropped back onto the sand, lifeless, and the baton flopped downwards as his once tight arse-hole gaped open and began to dribble liquid excrement.
The crowd then cheered Nerva as the victor, while the arena slaves trussed up Perseus' impaled, castrated, naked, and bloody corpse.
Perseus' severed shaved 'ball-bag', containing the boxer's loose and pulped testicles, was hung round the neck of the big, blond corpse, and the still swollen and huge penis was shoved into the corpse's gaping mouth.
Finally , what had been Perseus, the boxer, was hung naked, dead and humiliated from the arena-wall, and only cut down and butchered for the animals at the end of the Day at the Games.


  1. Wo kann man einen solcen Sport real machen? Wer kennt Möglichkiten? Tod am Schluß muß nicht sien, dafür öfters

  2. wo gibt e solche sportlichen Möglichkeiten, die dem nahe kommen?

  3. Männersport... man sehnt sich nach ähnlichen Möglichkeiten, freilich ohne tödliches Ende...